2012 5.0 with Whipple Supercharger

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  1. Guy and Gals,
    I am reading about whipple superchargers and see one from lethal performance that is making 624....but it is pushing 9 PSI to do it. Supposedly, they have mastered a tune that will allow the stock engine to stay together. What do you guys think? Anyone have experience? The last thing I wanna do is buy a 30K car and tear directly into the engine to put in forged parts....(UNLESS I HAVE TO!!!) :D
  2. I've been thinking about putting a whipple on my '12 also, but I'm not going to get the 624HP kit unless I can get the 6psi pulley (524) to reduce the boost.
  3. The key is the tune. I wouldn't be afraid of it. I personally ordered the Roush kit. Same power, plus a 3/36k warranty. Then I'll decide how much I want to turn the wick up.
  4. 2012 5.0 Whipple

    That is what I was curious about. I am deployed to the desert right now and just in the planning phases. I think it would be neat to get the vehicle over the 600 mark but don't want to kill the horse doing it. I checked into the Hellion and Vortech kits (centrifugal) and didn't really like how they sound (it sounds like a dang aircraft engine). I love the V8 rumble, especially on this jewel. I was hoping they could detune it a bit and possibly keep the hood from buckling as you as driving down the road:eek:.
    I don't think I would personally want to spend the money to up it to the 526 mark...but that is just me. Most of the kits I have seen are on a bone stock vehicle. I believe there is some power left in the vehicle with a less restrictive exhaust. Not sure if a cold air kit would help a supercharged vehicle.....I have been digging around for a 2011 GT used (I thought I could save some bank by getting one with 20K or so on the odometer and use that money to supercharge it)....but they darn things are so expensive used it is almost more cost effective to buy a new one..especially through like USAA....
    thanks for the input ya'll....
    and for the record, I guess I should put my 65 back together before I take another one apart :)
  5. What tune have they mastered? The FRPP Whipple kit makes 624HP on 9psi they way it comes from Ford Racing
  6. I'm curious too. I want that 625hp kit but I'm wondering how long the engine would hold together. Will I make it to 100,000 miles on my stock block without any problems. Ya know al these questions come up. How much HP does the stock block, drive shaft and tranny hold.

    I'm a ways off from purchasing it but I still have all these questions and can never find legit answers about it online
  7. You're asking a question nobody can answer. That question can't be answered for a factory level shortblock. The factory warranty's them 3/36 or you can buy an extended warranty. Should they last, yes. Can something fail inside that time frame, yes. Can adding an additional 200+ hp accelerate a failure, yes. The key to these questions is the tune, fuel quality and how much you rail on the car. If the motor is tuned to the ragged edge, well, sooner or later something will most likely let go. Be conservative and take care of it, it should live. There's a reason FR gives a 12/12 warranty on their 525 hp kit, and Roush gives a 3/36 warranty on their 525 kit.
  8. If you stick with FRPP tune and no other modifications you can get a very long life from your engine with proper maintenance. I know plenty of 4.6 3v customer and just local guys that have 10k 20k 30k miles on their FRPP Whipple stock block....... stock clutches different story. :D
  9. I did see that a clutch upgrade is in the best interest of the owner. And I have wondered about the differences in warranty from the 520 horsepower kit to the 624. I know the companies won't tell you how long it will last for a couple of reasons. Most are mentioned on here by guys smarter than I. I also know if they told us how long it would last, it may discourage us from buying it. I think I am gonna hall mine down to Lethal Performance when the time comes. I live about 50 miles south of ATL and don't see anyone on the internet with a website that looks squared away. Lethal seems to be getting a lot of positive press, so I am hoping they will give me the best chance of survival. Willing to drive 500 miles to find out! Thanks again guys for all the feedback....
  10. Cool so good proper maintenance and everything should b ok for a good while as long as u on jst on the damn thing everywhere u go. And yea I hear that frpp tune is pretty conservative.

    Good luck with going to lethal man that's that ride. I life in Louisiana so that's wayyy to far for me. I'm thinking maybe hennessey motorsporys since they're right next to me in Texas.

    And that 625 is at the crank so that's about 550-570 at the wheels. Is everybody feeling this is the best kit to go with or r y'all thinking a kennebell or roush or what???
  11. Personally, I went with the Roush kit. I don't think there is a "best" out there. I'm looking for around 500 at the wheel with a warranty. The Roush kit delivers with a 3/36k warranty, $5,375 delivered to my door. The car is my DD, and that's plenty to take on 99% of the d!p*****s I run into on the street. :D

    If I want to up the boost later on, it's just a pulley change away.
  12. I haven't looked into the Kenne Bell but definitely will. I have seen a few videos of them but haven't priced them. I know with the Ford kit they can eliminate the shifting issues in the tranny (the only significant bennie). I am all about getting cheap horsepower!!! Thanks for the feedback!
  13. Looking at the Kenne Bell right now...anyone running E85? Just wonder if it would help the engine live....
  14. What shifting issue with the tranney?
  15. The frpp seem to b the most expensive superchargers u can buy for te mustang but then again it is from ford so I guess u have to expect it.

    Just read up on the Shelby gt350 and it has the 525 whipple kit on it. Does 0-60 in about 3.8 and a quatert mile in 12 seconds. 0-60 times r impressive but y just 12 second quarter hmmmmm??

    Ford Mustang Supercharger Kit Test Drive - Supercharger Kit Review - Popular Mechanics

    that's an article on a mustang that was tested with the 625hp kit
  16. ET is a measure of traction, MPH dictates horsepower.
  17. 2012 5.0 Whipple Supercharger

    Thanks for the Kenne Bell tip. I have been digging through the forums and it seems as though people are torn right down the middle on the two and it comes down to personal preference. I don't particularly care for the Kenne Bell scream, but others love it. From what I can tell, the whipple is quieter...although I am in Iraq and the locals don't tend to drive mustangs with superchargers :)
    So I can't personally hear one. I have also heard of major customer service issues with KB...but I definitely like their website. What they say makes sense, but also gives some clues to what others have said about their customer service. I guess it just depends on what you want. KB has tons of room to upgrade if you ever wanted to, and I know you can do a pulley swap on the Whipple. As for the question about the tranny issues, the GETRAG is a mixed bag. Some love it and say it shifts like butter, others would like to drive their car through the front door of a Ford dealership. I guess the computer controls a certain amount of how it shifts, and this is causing some issues on SOME transmissions, although not all. On some forums a Ford Rep is on there addressing the issues to keep the owners happy. I guess it is less of a problem with the 2012s...although I don't know why (maybe they fixed it??)
    I appreciate all the thoughtful feedback. I am sorry for starting yet another thread about superchargers as there appears to be tons on other sites, but I guess the interest is still out there.
    Dynasty, Lethal is a LONG way for me too, and I may just end up putting the kit on myself. I am not afraid to tackle most anything (heck I have my 65 sawed half in two and once sawed a boat all the way in two to fix a transom issue) so I am not afraid of it. I just want to make sure the tune is perfect and those guys seem to be the most highly touted on the net right now. Might drive the car down there and make a vacation of it!
    Thanks again fellow stang owners!
  18. Have u checked out lethals YouTube page. That whippled mustang is throwing down some bad ass numbers and it's on a stock block and tranny. I think the only thing they changed was the driveshaft.

    I love a supercharger whine. Doesn't bother me one bit lol but yes everyone says KB service is horrible and u can never get in touch with them.

    Back on those 03-04 cobras the kennebell was the prefferrd supercharger for everyone it seemed sp the reliability of them is proven. I want one but I think I'd go through a company like evoperform or someone else who is distributing it so if I had a problem I could at lesast get in touch with someone ya know
  19. I considered that as well...like taking the car to lethal performance. I worry about that 625 kit and wonder if they could de-tune it just a touch. I have also heard the stock clutch won't hold up either. But I will have to just try it and see...plus the more I have looked at the installation, the more I want to tackle it....
    I will let you know how it turns out!