2012 BOSS 302 - It's Here!

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  1. It's called marketing and it's a formula that Ford has successfully used for decades. They are well aware of the fact that the majority of the Mustangs they will sell are the lowest priced models (this has been the case since the 60's as well), but they increase model exposure and public interest with high powered, high profile limited editions. A potential buyer probably already knows going into the showroom that he/she can't afford a Boss or GT500, but because of the exposure those models produced, and image they create for the Mustang line up as a whole, that potential buyer is willing to plop down their money for a less expensive version just to get a piece of that image and heritage and little taste of the performance the more expensive models offer. The big improvement in recent years is that Ford has been making the less expensive models better performers by leaps and bounds so that once they get that potential buyer in the showroom, the model they actually can afford still delivers some value and real performance so you're more likely to part with your money to buy the car rather than leave the dealership disappointed because the base model couldn't muster up enough performance to hold it's own on the street against 4 cyl ricer sedans. How many Mustangs do you think they would be selling if the base model still performed like the 2.3L LX's of the 80's? Ford IS listening, the 2011 V6 is proof of that, and if you don't really like the particular details of the limited editions they crank out to boost exposure that's fine, you don't have to buy one, and as a limited edition model you also aren't likely to see one on the street every day either. I wouldn't worry too much about the special models collecting dust on the showroom floor either, I seriously doubt Ford will mass produce them beyond market demand, and there's always a number of buyers with the money and interest to scoop up potential collectables. So, relax, enjoy your own Mustang, and be satisfied with the knowledge that the performance gains put into the limited editions today eventually filter down to the lesser models in the future. :)
  2. I'm VERY pleased that Ford decided to build a new Boss.

    I'm guessing the MSRP will be $39,995. And I bet it'll be in high demand for at least a year... so, sadly, they'll be loaded with options + dealer markup = $55k.

    Anyway, that's my guess.
  3. yea I guess its a .. FORD has the new BOSS 302 ...WOW!! and it goes to ..Its going to cost over $40k..wow....:shrug:
  4. wonder how easy its going to b to swap to the boss intake?
  5. it reads like a intake, cams, and a tune ....
  6. Actually, I think the Boss 302 will sticker for about 37-39K. The reason for this is because the 5.0 I've been pricing out was 40K but that's with the electronics package, HIDs and security package, which is $3500 more than a 5.0 with the 3.73s and brembos, which I also had on my car.

    The way I look at it is and I'm rounding up on purpose to help offset the additional 'little things' the Boss has:
    Base GT: 30K
    Brembo brakes: 1700
    3.73: 500
    Boss intake and exhaust: 1500
    CS style rims: 2000
    Boss 302 stripes: 500
    Suspension upgrades: 1500

    So that's puts it pretty close to that. Plus any closer, then you might as well get a Shelby.
  7. I like the way the spec sheet looks, but the color schemes I can do without. I also think we will be looking at a price near $40k.
  8. thats what I hope ... but when push comes to shove its just 30 HP and a decal package ..
  9. I like the black boss, BUT only with the C-stripe being red. Get rid of the red grill surround, red wheels, red mirrors, and red wing...yuck. If you wanted to bring it to a Nopi import show then leave it.

    The red one however looks AWESOME!!!! I've been hoping that Ford will bring back a real Boss 302 someday and I think it's here. I personally always liked the 1969 Boss 302s with the fogs in the grill and the C-stripes over the 1970 version and the hockey stick style stripe. The C-stripes make it look so much faster I think. The minilite inspired wheels are just OK, I'd prefer a nice set of Torque Thrust M wheels with a cast gray spoke and polished lip myself. All and all thank you Ford for creating yet another great Mustang!
  10. This could potentially be the best news I have heard all week!!

    It looks sexy! Can't wait to go and stare at one of the few that I will probably ever see in the show-room floor and hastle the salesmen around.
  11. Wish they did a color scheme like the 70 boss and they should do without the wing. These cars already look big from the back and they don't need a wing to make them look bigger. Take the wing off, paint it like the 70 boss and call it a day.
  12. Forged Pistons and Rods
    Lower, tighter, adjustable suspension
    30hp and 500rpm higher redline
    better sounding intake and exhaust; exhaust cut outs
    torsen/recaro option

    My guess is, on a road course, this thing SPANKS a GT500. If this is ~$40k with the torsen/recaro package, I'm getting it.

  13. But the GT500, a GT, or even the V6 beat it with an ugly stick! :D
  14. correction, it has the 302R engine....as in they will be taking engines off the Boss production line to put in the race cars.

    To your list you need to add:

    Lightened valvetrain with sodium filled exhaust valves
    CNC'd heads
    more aggressive cams
    race spec main and rod bearings
    additional baffles in the oil pan
    larger radiator
    oil cooler
    etc etc etc.

    we will probably learn more as more details emerge but the engine is a full race engine that Ford is putting in a street car. Rumor has it that there is a TON of power left in it once the redline is increased past 8k.

    Not only will it likely spank the GT500 but it will do it all day long because it is actually built for the track.
  15. Just curious if anyone else has a problem with Grabber Blue not being an available color. I mean how can you have a Boss 302 and not have it come in Grabber Blue? I think that's just messed up.
  16. So we gain 28 Horsepower (440 vs 412) and we lose 10 ft/lbs of torque (380 vs 390) with the new intake.


    I have been waiting and waiting for this car to come out. I have been pestering my dealer for months for any info.

    Now that it is out I do have to say, this isn't what I envisioned for this car. Where is the shaker? Where are the crazy colors? The power bump is nice (dont' like loss of torque) and I do think this thing will make a great racer.

    But this isn't the Boss look that I drool over... :shrug: The Boss cars I love are big, mean and nasty looking. This car looks, dare I say it? Like an Import!? It seems to have lost a little of its muscle car looks?

    I will have to see it in person, since I can't tell how much I like it until then. But as it stands now, I don't think I will be ordering one especially at the super inflated prices that the dealers are going to be charging.

    I do have to say Kudos to Ford for releasing the car and continuing the Musclecar wars though.
  17. i think it retarded that shouldve been one of the first colors. I wnat a grbber blue car.
  18. I do not like the looks of it at all so I don't guess I will have to worry about my dealer asking too much.
  19. Yup.

    All I need is the Boss 302, Kona/White, with the Recaro+Torsen option.

    I was originally considering a GT with Brembo w/3:73 and some fluff options.
  20. perhaps ford will do a 2013 Boss 302 in the 1970 version since the 2012 is the 1969 version....just a thought :shrug: