2012 BOSS 302 - It's Here!

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  1. Hopefully my son will run off and join the circus, so I can use his college fund for something usefull.:)
  2. I just can't stand the look of this. Its like Ford is trying to make cars look like ricers or something:nonono:. I think they had an import guy design this:notnice:.
  3. I agree completely, where the hell is the shaker?? Although as someone said above, if this is modeled after the '69 boss, A-la the 4 lights and c-stripe, then it is believable that next year we could see a refresh in line with a '70, which was the boss which predominantly featured a shaker, and the 'hockey stick' style stripes. Still, the ricer-wicker-billed CS front bumper just screams lazy, and the color combos are all wrong. Where are the grabber colors? How about a nice sterling grey metallic for the more discrete owners out there? Instead we get the Fast and Furious'd Mustang. Ford dun fokked this up... Read my post on page 1, I pretty much share the feelings you expressed to a T.
  4. I'd have rather seen a bullet GT :(
  5. I actually like the looks of the 2012 Boss but think the Saleen PJ cars were done better.
  6. I love the PJ Saleen, and the Dan Gurney. Of course being Saleen's they're pricey but from a visual and perfomance standpoint I think they are great packages.
  7. It's definitley within the realm of possibility. We all know Ford is not shy about their special editions. lol I say start with the Boss' performance upgrades, remove the splitter, remove the decals, remove the side exhaust, leave the wheels, paint it Dark Green, voila! lol
  8. I like the C stripe..The splitter is only on the Laguna Sega version,
    lose the big hood decal and roof decal whatever it is .. .. I like the BOSS 302 decal vs the 5.0 Emblem...
    I think it would be cool to lose all the interior everything you can ...get a BOSS as stripped as you can ... I mean that is a car I think a lot of people would like ...
  9. Oh no, I wasn't making those suggestions for the Boss. That was my half-cocked proposal for the next "Bullitt". lol They usually have a more understated look.
  10. The only part of the Boss looks I don't like is the contrasting roof.

    The stripe is essential.

    As for optioning it up, it can't be done from what I've read: only option is Recaro/Torsen, which I'd have.

    We'll see what happens in the spring. Aren't there SOME dealers who sell at MSRP?
  11. Edmunds.com estimates the base 2012 Boss 302 msrp at $37,950.

    2012 Ford Mustang Pricing and Information

    No mention of option packages. Hopefully the options list will be very short, like the GT500.
  12. So you are the sole determining factor of aesthetics and pricing for your local dealer? Wow! How does it feel to have that much power and authority?? :rlaugh:
  13. Any guesses on the price of the Recaro/Torsen option?
  14. Lets just hope the engine minus the torque losing intake make makes its way into the GT. We need the forged internals for forced induction peace of mind. A stock Gt with tuning has more power without losing torque, so I think they dropped the ball on this one. Of course, once the tuners get ahold of this, they will get another 30 or 40 h.p. out of it.
    The styling is a let down and I hate to admit but I'm older now and want my sound deadening.
  15. Mustangdave... I think your missing the point of the modified boss internals... its designed for the track...to give flatter and better torque above 4500 rpm... cause when your on the track... that's the range you'll be playing in... 4500-7500 rpm... the GT engines torque decreases after 5,000 rpm (but it still has torque..!!!) so its less optimized for the track than the BOSS is... the cams, intake runners and all the other trick stuff on the BOSS will definitely make it run harder and faster than a standard GT... can't replace that with a tune.... can't even come close... having said that ... I question a 3.73 option for a GT model... I can see it working well with on a BOSS cause of the better power characteristics above 4500 rpm... but I'm thinking a 3.31 or a 3.51 diff would make the standard GT better to drive simply because taller gearing keeps you in the powerband longer...
  16. In racing, it's not about who's in the power band longer but who gets to the power band quicker. To offset the shorter gearing, the engines are tuned/designed to rev out farther.
  17. For what IM going to spend, Ill take my CS package (with front facia), change the polished front grille out for the black one, and get the Steeda Spyder rims for the "look" and get the CAI and tune for the extra 40hp to the wheels. Still will be under the price of the boss, and have the look that only I will have.
  18. I'm not impressed with it > I like the 2011 gt even thow my friend cusses the day he bought it > it has crapped the trans > then the clutch and not the clutch won't lift if you rev it high . I want a newer stang but--- I think I will just keep my cobra . :]
  19. Well I did "jump" at the new 5.0. but I did get to see pictures and info on the 2012 Boss. I still decide on the 2011 GT. If I was going to go back to the track I may have invested the bigger bucks but not to just cruise the streets. I'm sure the parts will be available to upgrade the GT 5.0 to boss power. One thing that really turned me off was color selection and the roof painted the stripe color. Who at Ford thought of that one????
  20. I agree with the comments on the color choices for the Boss 302.... they suck; lets hope Ford lets you create your own color combo!!