2012 Ford Mustang Mid America Shelby Meet

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    Is everyone ready for an incredible display of Ford Mustang awesomeness? How about a memorable Shelby Mustang event and tribute? If both (or either) of these sound good, then you’d better get to packing your bags and fueling the steed(s) for the 38th Annual Mid-America Ford Nationals, in Tulsa. Ford is set to unleash the 2013 Ford Shelby GT500–you know the 200mph capable one–and host open track days, put on a Ford & Shelby banquet, and build many memories for the years to come.
    So when and where is this all going down? June 13 through 17 (2012) in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Trust us, we were at the show last June with Built to Cruise, and we’ve gotta say it was one of the most entertaining and fun-filled events of the summer. Between the amazing Shelby Mustang (and many other unique instances) display, good food, and camaraderie, Tulsa & Hallett Raceway held host to some amazing times, both on AND off the track.
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