2012 Ford Mustang Shelby rated at 1000hp

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    What’s that saying about a picture’s worth a 1,000 words? OK, well, how about one that is worth 1,000 horsepower, then? The next rendition of Shelby’s Ford Mustang massage found in the 2012 Ford Shelby 1000–a Shelby GT500, amped & tweaked out with some healthy modifications. How–you might ask? Start by taking the current GT500 and completely ripping it to shreds down to the connecting rods to the brake pads. Ford’s 5.4-liter power plant, adorned with a boasting supercharger and fantastic tune pretty much makes this Shelby one of the most venomous serpents that’s hit the streets.
    So, is this one the best? Is this the ceiling we have been waiting to see break? A 1000hp Mustang from a mainstream aftermarket producer? While the PR photo above might not portray the entire truth, we can all agree–this one is going to storm the pavement and make some serious tracks in the ever-growing Ford Mustang stampede.
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  2. Super Sweet Snake... I would be in SOOOOO much (more) trouble!
  3. Nice shot of that Mustang pulling the wheels off the ground - what a monster - how much hp does that cobra have?