2012 Grabber Blue 5.0 Brembo on order

Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by GrabberBlueDrifter, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. Well this isnt my first mustang, but last one i had was 12 years ago, i had 2 fox bodies. been wanting another ever since. So i finally ordered a 2012 Grabber blue gt with brembo brake package and 3.73 gears as my only options as this car will pretty much see alot of track use. And all the extra junk is not need. My car gets delivered april 18th!

    My first and most important question is, the brembo brake, i ordered it because it will see some autocross and alot of drifting but since my order has been placed i have realized that the falken tires i want to run only go to 18's. My Brembo brake package comes with 19's as most of you know. So will 18's fit and clear the calipers
    and if not, my 2nd question is will it be a real huge pain just to swap the brembo's back to stock gt calipers till falken starts making 19 inch tires.
  2. Negative. The brakes and rotors are huge on the brembo Mustangs. The only wheel that will fit is a 19.

    You should, however be able to change out the calipers easily.

    Welcome to Stangnet. :nice:
  3. Yea, i also forgot the rotors need to be changed too. i was just hoping there was still enough room for 18's.
  4. Welcome to StangNet, excited to see your ride once you get it. I hae always loved that color!