2012 Mustang GT/CS 19x10 square setup question about sway bar link bolts


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Feb 10, 2013
So I finally got some new wheels for my car and I knew i wanted to go with a wider tire, I did get them on sale but that's not the point here anyway.
I went with 19x10 because I have a buddy who has a 19x10 squared setup on his car, but it was a 2013, not sure how much different that is, anyway....

So i test fit the wheels themselves before i got the tires and there's plenty of room for the 275/40/19 tires but the bolt from the sway bar end link concerns me in the front.
It looks like there's a lot of excess on the bolt that could maybe just be trimmed off. The sway bar end links themselves seem fine, I'm just concerned w/ the bolts being a bit long and potentially rubbing the tire when turning tightly or something.

Would it be ok to cut the extra bit off? it's not touching and it's about half an inch away from the wheel/tire.

Mostly wonder if anyone else has done this, I'm sure it's fine to cut the ends off, but I'm also just being cautious.

the offset on the wheels is 40 btw, if anyone is wondering.
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Feb 10, 2013
I want to update everyone that I just decided to test fit them in front and the wheels in question are SVE S350 19x10, 40 offset.
They don't rub at all! even when I've gone over larger bumps and I think the car is actually sitting a little bit higher because of the tires themselves.

The 275/40/ZR19 Pirelli Pzero (summer tires) fill the wells nicely and I was going about 80 around a corner I normally go 60 around and I never even noticed the car pulling or anything strange.

The original post about the sway bar end link bolts is still true, they are .5 inches or maybe a little more away from the tire, but since they're mounted to the suspension, they never travel so, the wheels seem fine.
I am still thinking about cutting the bolt a bit just for safety reasons.

I think a 20x10 would fit in front but you'd need some smaller tires, the 275/40/19 have an inch or two of clearance all around the fender well, but the tires fill it up extremely well, so it's possible that a 20x10 will clear without issue with something like a 275/30/20, but i would not recommend it, unless you just want that look.

Otherwise i'd go with maybe a 265 or 255 if you want to keep 35-40/20 tires.

Other than all that, 19x10 wheels w/ 40 offset and 275/40/ZR19 tires don't rub at all on a 2012 platform, so feel free to share with others :)

I just wanted to post it on here for others to see in-case they have questions. I"ll stay subbed to this thread if anyone has other questions or maybe wants pictures ;)


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May 18, 2019
Southwest Michigan
Anything sticking out past the end of the nut is wasted material anyway. I would suggest marking the bolt right at the nut face and then removing it and cutting it and cleaning the end of the threads up. I'm not a fan of cutting the bolt while it's installed because of the sparks under the car and you can booger up the ends of the bolt if you ever need to remove it. Once you have that done, reinstall and you should be good to go.
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