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  1. I own a 2012 Mustang GT500 with 23K miles on it. I recently took it in for scheduled maintenance and they told me the clutch was fried. I find it hard to believe that a $54K automobile with 550HP and 23K miles on it would need a new clutch. They said it was "normal wear & tear" not covered byt eh warranty and asked who drove the car. They blamed it on the pilot.....that would be me.

    I would welcome your thoughts.
  2. While mine runs way less in HP, and I replaced the clutch to get rid of an annoying squeak, the clutch itself (with 85K on it back then) still looked pretty decent. Not like I needed to change it out at that time. If you have driven the car normally, and the clutch still engages properly without issues, I'd personally either disregard them, and/or get a second opinion.

    Plus, the only way to tell the wear-n-tear on a clutch is to atleast physically look at it from what I understood (tho I could be wrong on this, anyone feel free to chip in). You mean to tell me they pulled the bellhousing back to actually look at the clutch, during a scheduled maintenance? What was their cause for setting forth that diagnosis, or even looking at the clutch, since I doubt it's on the scheduled maintenance checkpoint list? Did you have any problems that caused you to ask them to pay special attention to the clutch?
  3. I did. I told them it was accelerating oddly after shifting.
  4. How many miles were on the car when you got it? Maybe someone prior to you getting it had 'fun', or wasn't aware of how to drive a stickshift? Any other drivers (like the wife) using the car?

    Usually a clutch goes around 100K or something. 23K it shouldn't really act up.
  5. Bought it new so I am the only owner and only driver. I'm certainly not perfect but have had many high performance cars during my lifetime (63 years) and have never had a clutch go on me.
  6. Definitely get a second opinion. I worked for the Ford dealer where I live, (ASE certified master mechanic) and, while I don't regret the experience (I learned a great deal about how not to treat car owners), I don't work there any more.
  7. Thanks! They could definitely use a lesson in customer service as I have had to call them multiple times for updates.
  8. Hello Steve Hess,

    Welcome to the forum! My name is Deysha with Ford Service. Have you spoken to your service manager? He is in the best position to look into this for you and can check into any warranty, assistance, recalls, or customer satisfaction programs that may apply to your vehicle.

    You are also welcome to get a second opinion at a different Ford Dealer. I hope this helps.

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