2012 Mustang Hopes DASHED

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  1. Deployed to the desert....wife calls and tells me she is going in for 16K worth of cosmetic surgery....Guess who ISN'T getting a new mustang....
    I suppose I will have to spring for the mustang tat on her backside...and sit in her lap and have her make V8 noises......
    At least her GET RAG transmission won't have shifting issues. :)
  2. 16k of cosmetics right when you're getting deployed???? i smell stink....
  3. 2012 mustang hope dashed

    Me too...but the bright side is she won't be healed enough before I get back for someone else to enjoy it....So at least it will have to wait till I get back...but no car for me :)
    at least not for now....
  4. Thats about the most P-whipped i think i have ever heard someone be.. wow. divorce papers to follow.
  5. Post up some after pics :nice: :fap:

    Oh, and thanks for serving :flag:
  6. Sucks about the Stang... I'd rather have a hot rod than a hot rack, honestly.

    And thanks for your services :)
  7. ^^ we need more of her around here!
  8. I'll second that.
  9. geez dude that is pathetic i would have divorce papers on the way to the house