2012 Prices , x plan and destination fee.........HEADACHES!!!

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  1. You just have to be clear on whether the price quoted is "out the door" or not. Otherwise you may be comparing apples to oranges and that great deal may not be so great when you get there and they add fuel charge, FDAF, D&D, and TTL after the fact.

    One thing which I HIGHLY recommend is looking into a used 2011 from a private party. They are very similar to the 2012 model, the factory warranty is fully transferable, and depending on where you live you may not have to pay sales tax on the deal which can save you a few thousand more.

    I got my used 2011 GT Premium California Special with glass roof, auto trans, security package and a viper remote start with 8,000 miles for $32,000 plus registration ($900-$1000 paid to the MVD for 2 years) & insurance ($1,200-$1,300 paid to AAA for 1 year), that's it!
  2. Disagree. The dealer makes more than $75-$100... If you're sticking with that then in my opinion you're very wrong. What about the AZ and D plans? I guess the dealer loses a couple thousand when an employee or retired employee buys a car?

    X plan is not employee pricing, it's partner pricing...

    Plus what about financing, I went in with 6.2% blank check from capital one, When I left I had a 7 year warranty for 10 dollars less a month through one of their financial institutions, I'm sure they made a thousand or so off that as well. It was win/win as far as I'm concerned, but the dealerships aren't hurting when you use x-plan.
  3. Lots of dealers around here sell their cars "for invoice" or "below invoice" but then rape you in the dealer fees. X-plan eliminates all but $100 in dealer fees. Can you work a better deal? Maybe. But some people aren't wheelers and dealers or don't want the hassle of playing games with the dealer. They just want a good car at a fair price. After x-plan and rebates, my OTD price was still under MSRP. I'm good with that.
  4. I'm A plan, but my uncle says he would rather haggle with the salesman over price and extras and trade in values. He swears up and down he can beat an A plan price. When I bought my F150, I told the salesman I was A plan. He gave me a copy of the invoice with the A plan price right there on it. I walked out without him even asking my name or number...and I liked that. Came back the next day, got A plan price -$3500 rebate, - $500 or 1000 off for something else, I can't remember exactly. IIRC, I got it for about $8500-9000K under sticker. That was in 2003 when they were all offering the rebates.
  5. Dest Fee

    Bought mine a ford of Ocala, FL talk to Josh Hamilton, he will give you a good deal. I pain no dest fee on x plan.