Engine 2013 5.0 - Pro charger VS TVS style supercharger.

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  1. Hey Guys, not sure if I have missed this topic in a previous post, I am looking at supercharging my stang and wondering if there are any preferences on this board that lean towards the TVS style supercharger system - I am looking into the one offered by Brenspeed that is the roush 650 HP package, or going with a stage II procharger system.

  2. I cant speak for centrifugal but, I have a roush tvs on my 2011. I am very pleased with the 652 rwhp it put down. That was with an 82mm pulley, jlt big air, afco heat exchanger, lund tune, 9.3 lbs of boost and 93octane. The thing I really like was it was making 400ft/lb by 2000 rpm and 500 ft/lb by 3000 rpm.
  3. Mine came with the Roots style, so I have a bias. :D

    That said, when I was looking at blowers for my SN95, I came down on the side of the Roots over the centrifugal. Seems to me (opinion, so easy on the flames) that the knock on Roots was heat soak, and the knock on centrifugal was less power in the low end. My research, at least in the pushrod 5.0 was that KB solved the heat soak issues, so you got the upside of Roots without the downside.

    Plus, it's RIGHT THERE ON TOP when you open the hood! I'd go with the Roush.

    You asked for preference, vs. logic or fact, so there's mine... Can't imagine that the ProCharger is a bad choice though.
  4. I agree. Either 1 and your car will move.
  5. You're going to get similar power and torque curves with either style, I personally like the cleanliness of a positive displacement blower vs a centrifugal style especially stuffed under the hood of an S-197.