Expired 2013 Boss 302

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Mar 9, 2017
Hi All,

I've got some big life changes and need to find a new home for the boss. I've owned this car for the past 3 years and it's been treated like a princess the entire time. It's higher mileage for a boss, but mostly highway. Car has never been tracked and I don't street race. It's never even been launched from a dig. Garage kept and always kept immaculate, inside and out. Never smoked/ate in and adult driven/owned. The car has the usual rock chips from normal driving, but is extremely clean and has 0 door dings on it due to me anally parking it far away every time. The car gets tons of compliments on how it looks and sounds. I planned on keeping it forever and building it into an NA track monster, but plans have changed :(

It has had extensive modifications, some by me and some by the original owner. The mods are mostly cosmetic as it's still on the tail end of the factory warranty. Below is a list of what's been done. The PO redid the appearance as a tribute to the Smokey Yunick 1969 Boss 302. The car is a factory boss with the recaros and torsen diff. I can share the VIN with anyone what wants to verify it themselves. Car has never been wrecked, not even a fender bender. Let me know if you have any questions or want to see additional pictures.

Asking $30k OBO

Full color change from SBY to Gold/Black
Carbon fiber wrap on the roof and door handles
Tiger racing heat extractor hood
Tiger racing rear wing
302S front fenders
Forgestar CF5Vs, 19x9 front and 19x10 rear with custom bronze finish. Fronts weight 20lbs each and rears weigh right under 22lbs. <5k miles on them, perfect condition
Michelin Pilot Super Sports, 255 up front and 295 out back. Also under 5k miles
Lowered on Ford racing springs
BMR upper/lower rear control arms with poly bushings
BMR Watts link with poly bushings
Barton short throw shifter with steeda trans bushing
gt500 mufflers
gt500 rear valence
baffles removed from side pipes

The car currently has a lien on it with a local credit union, but I will pay it off once I have a buyer lined up to streamline the sale. The price is negotiable, all reasonable offers will be considered. The car is located in South Austin, TX. I am willing to work with the buyer on transport if necessary.


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