2013 ford carlilse

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  1. Who is going this year ?
  2. Already informed Tom that I wont be going this year, not sure about the rest of the crew.
  3. i'm doubtful. i have to work that saturday. we'll probably just take a day trip out on friday but thats it.
  4. I may drive down and walk around on Saturday but I don't plan to stay over.
  5. my plan is to go friday stay til sat then head home after show on sat
  6. I have off Fri, sat and sunday. So ill go up fri morning and stay most of the day and prolly go up sat too. Me and the wife might enter our cars in the show also so it might be an all weekend thing for us. Its 35-40 mins from my house house though. lol
  7. I'm sitting Carlisle out this year...my car won't be ready and I'm putting the money I'd spend on Carlisle toward the Mustang Week trip.
  8. Dang guys, I always look forward to the pics of all your cars together.
  9. we'll definitely have that...just will have to wait till after mustang week. we're all hitting that up this year