2013 Ford Mustang ad invokes the innermost

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    On the fringes of the official Ford Mustang customizer web app release, Ford has also debuted its latest installment in the 2013 Ford Mustang marketing campaign to keep everyone pumped-up. The 2013 Mustang is going to capitalize upon what has made the Ford Mustang ever-so-popular since its inception back in the mid-60s; its customizability.
    The video spot we have inside for you is set to release during the Daytona 500 this weekend (although, it should have been debuted during the Super Bowl, we think), so there are plenty of chances for Ford fans to get wind of what’s coming next. What is unique in this advertisement is the fact Ford has opted to show how well the 2013 Mustang connects to its ownership base, more so than bragging on its 420hp V8 or the fact the car is coming up on its 50th Anniversary–a wise move, we think, since Americans are going to easily face $4+ per gallon of gas this spring/summer. People are going to be focused on how a car fits them, not how it might drain their pocketbooks…
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