2013 Ford Mustang pony projector light

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    What happens when you are out after dark in a 2013 Ford Mustang and you can’t quite make out where the curb is…or you want to make sure people know (beyond the exhaust note) what you just rolled up in? Ford’s got the answer with a slick, albeit borderline tacky, new option on the new 2013 Mustang. It is a pony projection light which is portrayed via the lenses beneath the side view mirrors. Activated immediately after the driver unlocks the door, this projection is sure to let you, and everyone else within the area, know for sure it’s a legend you have ridden into town.
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  2. I will reserve judgment until I see it, but it sounds tacky.
  3. Beyond dumb ...I hope they get a little more creative for the new mustang -
  4. Lemme know when they incorporate the full blown, "Stang Signal"!


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  5. Funny, I was actually thinking about Batman when I first saw this. Could we turn a Mustang into the new Batmobile?
  6. Ya Im not sure why they came up with that for these, need to see it in person. I imagine you pull up and your friends will be looking at you... "Like WTF?"
  7. More horsepower not dumb stuff.

  8. Because once again, they're loosing focus and forgetting why people buy Mustangs... It's shocking but it's also got nothing to do with whether or not I can link my cell phone to it either. :shrug:
  9. At least it is optional and not standard equipment.
  10. If it just had the lights and they weren't shaped like ponys. Someone would had done it themselves. Then they would have posted a DIY on this site.
  11. IMHO they come dangerously close to being rice.
  12. It's rice if you can drive the car with the ponies on. And they blink to your bass.
  13. I have a 2013 Mustang on order that will have this feature. I am not sure of the utility of the Pony projection lights but the puddle lights on my 2010 Fusion are certainly worthwhile.
  14. ^ Your right there. My wife's Flex has puddle lights as well and they are useful.