2013 Ford Mustang pricing and details

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    So, Ford Mustang fans, are you ready for the next installment in the legendary legacy? The new 2013 Mustang pricing sheet and option lists have officially been unleashed by the fine folks at Ford. The entire lineup, consisting of the 2013 Mustang V6 coupe, 2013 Mustang GT, and 2013 Mustang Boss 302, have all been completely outlined in the pricing spec sheets and details, herein.
    For those Ford Mustang fans starting at the left end of the spectrum, the reported MSRP of the coupe is $22,995. Up it a notch to the Premium V6, and the tag bumps to $26,995…and finally, the Mustang V6 convertible gets a sticker price of $31,995. Wanna step it up to the Ford Mustang GT? Get ready to pay more this go ’round. The base line 2013 Mustang GT tips the scales at $31,095, with the Premium GT coupe weighing in at $35.095. Wow, wait, what? Yeah.
    We thought the same thing. So what about the 2013 Boss 302 and the 2013 Boss 302 Laguna Seca models? Are they hiking up the mountain of price? You betcha. Each of them both get a $2k price escalation to $42,995 and $49,990 respectively. Pony up, fellas!
    Keep reading to get the full feature lists, below, straight from the Ford detail pricing list.
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  2. I thought the prices on the GT would be higher. I bought an 08 GT deluxe that had an MSRP of 31,000....I figured the MSRP on a 2013 would be at least 35,000....Then again no sane person pays MSRP unless they want a special edition. Any word on the new GT500 price?
  3. They are killing there target market on price. Not sure who Ford wants to sell to anymore.....Not twentysomethings for sure. BTW, I'm 41 and those prices are high.
  4. I think the 20 something target market is now being fed by the Focus. Young people today seem to like tuner cars. The Mustang has become a competitor with BMW's at a much lower price point. If you look back from 1999 to today Mustangs have increased in price about 1000$ a year. The value of the dollar has dropped so costs have gone up. The cost of production has increased. The huge leaps in the level of refinement and performance, that everyone has been complaining that the Mustang lacked has arrived along with the price. A Mustang now has more engineering costs. Wait until it gets IRS...it will cost as much as a Camaro, which outsells the Mustang....but again people want it. It will be interesting to see if sales increase or not with this price point.
  5. I dunno... There are an awful lot of 20 somethings around here that have them. Bastards. :fuss: