2013 Gt 5.0 Or A 2009 Gt500

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2013 5.0 or a 2009 GT500

  1. 5.0 Coyote

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  2. 2009 GT500

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  1. Which would you rather own-

    a 2013 GT 5.0

    or a 2009 GT500 ?
  2. the 09 shelby had 500hp right? even with the extra power I wouldn't trade my 2013 GT in for a preowned shelby
  3. My vote will be a 2014 when the 2015's come out....unless you fall in love with the 2015s of course.
  4. The 2009 in question has less miles than my 2013 gt and looks way sharper. My gt is an auto so I'm losing power to the wheels there and wouldn't it be easier to squeeze more power out of the Shelby than out of the gt ?
  5. Hands down, the GT500. Here's my thought... The new GTs are a dime a dozen (ok... maybe upwards of $30k) and the internals are very costly to upgrade in order to add more power.

    A GT500 is already built. It requires odds and ends to continue to make more power. A full blower swap makes the thing scream like it was on fire. You find a used one in great shape with low miles and for a couple grand, you can have that thing well over the 650hp mark of the brand new Shelby.

    The GTs with Sync and all the other nice creature comforts are fine... for a daily commuter that also provides the fun in the pants. A Shelby though... Those cars are for drivers who get all tingly inside and roll down the windows just to hear the exhaust note for yet another high speed pass under a bridge or through a tunnel.

    My only pet peeve with with GT500s are rally stripes. DITCH EM! Let the motor do the talking. Rally stripes are for 6 bangers that don't have a whole lot else going for them. :D
  6. Looks like the 2009 already sold. Keeping options open.
  7. If I were in the market for a used Shelby, I'd try to stretch into an 11 or 12. Prices are coming down quite a bit thanks to the Trinity, so it's not as big of a jump from an 09 to an 11 as it was a few years ago. You get the chassis improvements, plus the aluminum block.

    The Coyote GTs are really nice cars, and I would love to have one, but there's something about having S-H-E-L-B-Y on your back deck lid that is special, at least to me. (Save me the replies about how it's not a "real" Shelby... I am well versed in all things Shelby, back to the beginning. It's a fruitless argument that I refuse to indulge)

    Noobz: LeMans stripes is a more accurate name, and FWIW, the six cylinder cars only started running them to try to capture the looks of a Shelby. LeMans stripes are part of the character of a Shelby (of any year--although yes, I'm well aware that all cars did not have them). I'll keep mine, and flaunt them like the egomaniac that I am. :eek: If one must remove the stripes from a Shelby, there's only one proper way to do it-apply enough right pedal to peel them off.
  8. Shelby-1000-1.jpg

    Pure SECKS. No stripes required.
  9. at the moment, Im trying to work out some deals on some barely used 2012s, no stripes, but they are half way across the country.

    a friend of mine who is the sales manager at a large local dealership is probably going to do all the talking with them for me, as I am too swamped with work to try to make this transaction work and its not really my specialty. never ordered a vehicle from a dealership in another state before...
  10. side note, my cousin who works for Ford up in Detroit drove one of the Shelby 1000's around the test track. He said that car as indescribable. just an absolute beast around the track and I am pretty sure thats an understatement.
  11. Yeah, a 1000 is amazing, but it's made of unobtainium in my world.

    This is pretty sexy too--and the STRIPES are part of the attraction:

  12. Daily driver plus weekend fun=Coyote

    If I had a Shelby, it would be a Weekender or garage queen