2013 Gt Modifications Help?

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  1. I have been driving my 2013 GT for almost 5 months now and I gotta say I absolutely love her. You can't argue with the power the new coyote puts out, but I would like to modify my car. There is just one problem I do not know where to start. I would like to see around 500hp to 600hp.
    With the added horsepower will I have to upgrade the transmission?
    And what type of brakes will work best?
  2. If 600HP is your goal then save your money and purchase the the Ford Racing M-6066-MGT624PD supercharger kit. Only horse power mod you will need.
  3. Thanks, will it work for an automatic transmission?
  4. Yes it will.
  5. Check out Hellion's single/dual turbo systems. I would recommend the single if you are wanting that range. The turbo system alone with low boost will get you in that general range. Hellion claims at 6 psi you will get 600+ hp. It really all matters how you like your power. Super or turbo is a big personal choice. If you don't want to void your warranty the FR supercharger is a great option. Also, I have heard that the Whipple Superchargers will not void warranties if installed by Ford, just check on it if it interests you.
  6. Thanks for the info, more of a fan of superchargers. Kind of don't want to void the warranty since I just got my baby and plus the added insurance if something goes wrong with the testing.
  7. Yes the 6R80, is very strong. Seen a couple Stangs put 1,000 to the wheels through 6R80 with just upgraded clutches and a deep sump pan.

  8. When you retune the computer for boost, there should be some transmission tuning changes involved. The stock automatic is fine with the appropriate transmission tune.

    Stock brakes will be fine too, unless you're doing open track (road racing) events.

    However, you should seriously consider tire & suspension upgrades.
  9. if I wanted to, what brand of brakes should I look into? what brand/ size of tire would work best? and what kind of suspension upgrades should I look into?
  10. Do you have Brembo brakes? Either way the best upgrade to start with is stainless steal brake lines.
  11. No, I do not. just the standard brakes.
  12. Either way, stainless lines are a great idea

  13. Are you partial to 18" wheels, or 19" or 20"?

    I'm not really allowed to name any suspension brands because I am one of the suspension manufacturers. However, what I can say is that many of the Stangnet vendors can set you up with quality suspension components for your car. :flag:
  14. I really like the GT/CS wheels. I would like if it is possible to keep the exterior as stock looking as possible

    Thanks for the tip.
  15. I agree with Sparta, if you really want 600hp the Ford Racing Supercharger is the way to go. However I'm pretty sure that in order to maintain your warranty you would have to have a Ford dealership install it so between parts and labor you are looking at some serious $$$.
  16. Only FRPP parts (where warranty is available) are covered by Ford dealership installation. They will not cover engine, trans etc... or atleast a service manager with a stick up his @$$ wont, depends on where you go. But by the "book" they wont.
  17. Thanks everyone for the help. Hopefully soon I can start saving up for mods. Going up to Detroit in a few weeks and going to ask my cousin who works for ford up if he knows anything as well.
  18. Also look into roush superchargers as well. I talked to a rep.at the mustang show at ford headquarters this past weekend. Ford will void your warranty if you didnt buy new,but for $ 375 roush will give you 3/36 on your drivetrain.
  19. you're definitely going to want suspension work at that hp level, or you'll never get it to the ground, and you won't enjoy driving it much. BMR seems to be the brand of choice for UCA/LCA swap, adjustable panhard, appropriate brackets, etc. Either Eibach or FRPP springs. I would stay away from Whiteline; they have had issues with their UCA, although they are supposedly redesigning it.

    I highly recommend giving Van at revanracing.com a call. He will help you put together the suspension setup for your needs. He can also talk to you about power mods. Van races what he sells, and has unbeatable customer service.
  20. I would not discount all Whiteline products. I was one who ordered the Whiteline UCA during the time it was failing. I never installed it and was able to return it. I also have ordered and installed Whiteline's adjustable Panhard and brace and they are a very high quality product with no issues. Just to add, you are going to want to beef up at least the rear suspension to handle the power and to get it to the ground. I, myself, have not desire to bump the power beyond a good tune and am more interested in handling characteristics so, I've been going down that road with mine.

    As far as brakes, My '11 GT I had previously had brembo's and I thought they were great so, I'm looking at getting the new kit that has a complete replacement of calipers and rotors that include 15 inch rotors in the front. That 's just me though and may be a little more extreme than you may desire. The suggestion of stainless steel brake lines is a good one as it can improve the soft feel of the brake pedal. A good set of brake pads will also improve your brakes over stock as well and may well be the route I go to first before going 'extreme'.

    I, too, also like the GT/CS wheels and if I could get a pair with a 10 inch width, I'd buy 'em. But, they don't seem to make them wider than 8 inches so mounting wider tires from stock is, at best, limited. I want to go with 245's front a and 275's rear.
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