Exhaust 2013 Gt Noob With Q's On Performance

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by thorrider350, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. Just bought a 13 GT a week ago and love this thing to death for starters!! I put a roush axle back exhaust on so far but wanted to add a few more things.. Any ideas?

    Was thinking cai, tune, long tube headers, x pipe... Which brands ?

    Emissions is not an issue in Ohio so no cats on the x pipe?
  2. You going to stay NA? A CAI and tune would be a great start. I recommend Steeda, if you decide to put on long tubes American Racing headers are they way to go, they offer X and H pipes catted or catless.
  3. Sorry for being a noob but what is NA?
  4. Are you going to supercharge it or put a turbo on it? If not then it is Normally Aspirated.
  5. Shoulda bought a camaro XD
  6. X pipe? What's the details
  7. If you go with no cats on that x-pipe, you will want to get rid of those roush axlebacks. They are obnoxiously loud with no cats.
  8. I know. But how loud are they with cats? I don't want some Tokyo drift special that is super quiet
  9. Roush axle backs are very loud even with the stock cats in place. It's what I have and people can definitely hear me coming.
  10. Naturally Aspirated.

    I also have the Roush mufflers, they are only a little more toned than running no mufflers at all, but about the same volume. Plenty loud.
  11. Cool I guess I'll keep stock cats
  12. You're making my wait for mine to show up harder...
  13. Trust me, you'll love them. I was debating between the roush and the gt500 axle backs. I am so glad I decided on the roush's. I do not regret it at all. Love them!
  14. :banana: UPS shows they are on the truck. I know what I am doing later...
  15. Borla has 3 stages.. 1, 2 and Attak. If you're going X pipe, stage 1 is perfect. Keeps it quiet like stock (haha, with an x pipe), but roars when you step on it.
  16. Why are you here?
  17. Claud you digging it?
  18. Oh yeah. :nice: It sounds really mean; almost too loud but it does quiet down when you're just cruising.