Wheels-Tires 2013 Gt Premium 19" Machined Aluminum With Black-painted Windows

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  1. I recently purchased a new 2013 GT, and I couldn't be happier! I'm doing everything I can to keep it looking nice while also maintaining the quality.

    I have been using Meguiar's Hot Rims All-Wheel Cleaner until I found out my black rims are actually aluminum. I know the majority of the wheel is painted, but does anyone know if the metallic parts (the aluminum) are coated? Ford's official description for the wheels is "19" Machined Aluminum with Black-Painted Windows." I've attached a picture.

    I've switched to something less harsh(Meg's Aluminum wheel cleaner) until I find out for sure if the aluminum parts are coated, but I really like the All-Wheel cleaner, so I would like to continue using it if I can. And no, All-Wheel doesn't actually mean all. It's too harsh for non-coated aluminum.

  2. They are clear coated. There shouldn't be any issues as long as you don't use a super strong cleaner, and put some wax/sealant on them.
  3. That's good news. Thank you, earleys94gt!

    In that case, I would like to switch to one of Meg's professional wheel cleaners. Which of these would you recommend for my wheels? Or would that still be too harsh?

    1. Meguiars Non-Acid Wheel & Tire Cleaner D-14301
    2. Meguiars D140 Wheel Brightener
  4. No problem BlueBeast13GT

    I'd be leaning towards #1, since it is non-acid. If you are concerned about the cleaner being too harsh, you could simply dilute the cleaner with water.
  5. I did some research, called Meg's and the dealership, and I think the brightener will be fine. It's supposed to be diluted 4:1, but I could dilute it further; I hadn't thought of that, so thank you.

    Unfortunately, after all this trouble I've been going through to keep my wheels perfect, worrying about things like brake dust and chemicals, I let my girlfriend drive it this weekend, and she curbed it in the McDonald's drive-thru. FordParts.com sells the wheel for $673 + a 50 charge for shipping or something. The dealership quoted me $845. For a single wheel. Insane. So I guess I'm gonna get it reconditioned for $143 at a trusted, local body-shop.
  6. Moral of the story: Nobody but you and your valet should ever drive your car.
  7. You've clearly never been a valet! I was a valet for a few short months, and the main thing I learned from that job is that if you value your car, and want to keep it in good condition, never valet it.
  8. Also, the reconditioning actually looks perfect. I can't even tell a difference, except that the lines, that I assume are from machining the aluminum, are just slightly fainter on the reconditioned wheel. But no one but me would ever notice that.
  9. While I've never been a valet, my brother has been one for a couple years now. At least in the LA area, valets take good care of the cars they get. They've wised up. The better you treat a nice car, the better your tip will be.