2013 GT - Random Misfiring + Random Failures & Faults

Skyler Wilson

Mar 8, 2014
Hey everyone i'm proud owner of a 2013 Mustang GT premium coupe (47k miles) with a manual 6 speed transmission; or at least i was when i purchased it 10 days ago. Everything was fine for first 500 miles until i was driving home from work the other day. I was merging onto the freeway at a fast pace (higher RPM etc) and i noticed the check engine light started to blink. I started to slow it down and pulled onto the shoulder and let it idling and after about 20 seconds the engine light went back off. It was late at night so I continued home taking it easy and didn't have any other noticeable issues. Engine light didnt come back on and even when it was blinking prior it felt like it was running fine. When i got home I plugged in my scan tool and there was no stored or pending codes at that time to go on. The next day i left my scan tool hooked up so i could view live data and try to capture the codes associated with the problem by trying to replicate the issue and sure enough the check engine light after X amount of time started to blink again and had 1 stored code and 3 pending codes. C1B00 stored for steering angle sensor and pending codes for random misfire, misfire cylinder 3 and misfire cylinder 4. I pulled over again, and sure enough the check engine light after 20 seconds or so stopped blinking and went back off. as i was sitting there looking at my live data i thought i seen some random lights flash on the gauges as if all of them briefly illuminated for a split second and returned to normal. I scanned for codes again and didnt find anything additional. At one point i then reset the the ECU (or at least i thought i did) cleared the codes and took it for another drive. This time i didnt get a misfire, random misfire or a blinking check engine light but as i was going about 40 mph every light on the dash lit up, the speedometer dropped to 0 mph, passenger airbag light on the headliner display lit up and basically every warning light imaginable for a split second and then went back to normal. I read for codes again and this time i had 5 stored codes, c1b00 for steering angle, c0061 for lateral acceleration, c0063 for yaw rate, c0062 for longitudinal acceleration and U0452 for invalid data received from restraints control module.

So far i have checked wiring under the hood for faulty wiring (Possible mice damage or bad connections etc) and live data to see if voltage levels were good from the battery/alternator. I have no idea what could be wrong with this car and it appears to be completely random when its going to start conducting wonky behavior. Unfortunately I declined a warranty when I bought it so im on my own to try and diagnose it. I have no idea if this is a electrical problem, a faulty ECU or what it could be and any advice or opinions any one has i would be more then happy to hear it! thanks in advance.


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Jan 25, 2020
I bought my 07 in November 17. Was fine til January, when I got P0300 for random misfire, no cylinder number. Cleared the codes and it came back. Replaced coils, plugs and wires. I now have had a P0300pd code for a month, but no check engine light.

Also had Low oil pressure warning come up. Noticed oil pressure was normal, then when engine dropped to idle, the gauge suddenly went from normal to zero in an instant. When revved up, gauge went back to normal. Happened twice. Hasn't happened again in a while. I assume it's just a faulty sensor. Nothing more. I have no idea when the fuel filter was last changed, so will get that done soon. Then reset the codes and see if the P0300pd comes back at all.