Exhaust 2013 Gt Which Longtubes To Run

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Borla XR-1 Long Tubes

  1. Kooks Long Tube Headers

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  2. Other

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  1. Hey Guys, i've been looking at getting some long tube headers for a while, currently have boss 302 power pack, and Borla Cat-back exhaust, next mods are going to be Long tubes, Pro Charger, and big and little tires... Just wondering if anyone has experience with long tubes... I think I have them narrowed down between Kooks and Borla

    And does anyone know what this wheel + Tire combo is ??


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  3. Thanks man, Those look pretty bad ass... Might look at stainless works also.
  4. Stainless Works good too but their cats have a tendency to come apart. I sponsor another forum that uses them and I see it too often.
  5. Yeah get American Racing Headers!!... Way better In my opinion.. and im pretty sure they do custom as well... Top notch quality !
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  6. Wow, American racing huh? I'm with the op in looking at long tubes. Looks to me that kooks has more offering, 1 3/4 or 1 7/8, x or h pipe, cats or no, even the Green mid pipe, while Borla has one set and every add says for off road use only. Has me leaning toward Kooks but now I gotta check out American Racing. Cool!
  7. ARH has choices of H or X and cat or no cat too
  8. I have coated Dynatech's that I am very happy with.
  9. Do not go with BBKs, I can just tell you that much.
  10. Care to elaborate why?
  11. The headers themselves are completely rusted over after a few months of normal driving and the CATs that come on the x pipe don't work well enough to not pull a code. After complaining to BBK about it, all I got was a, "Well it's a 50/50 if they work." and that's that. They claim on their website "100% emissions legal" I call horse dung. I'll probably be looking to replace them with Kooks or equivalent.
  12. Kooks are the way to go, they are just a little on the pricey side. Ive heard SLP are pretty nice too. You should get that procharger you metioned too.
  13. Check out pypes stepped headers