2013 mustang gt wont crank when warmed up


New Member
Nov 17, 2020
Hoping someone might have some advice on whats going on with my car. I just recently installed a 18 ported manifold along with rear controls arms + a diff rebuild. After these installs every time I drive the car and it is warmed up it won't start again. All electronics everything is working but when you go to crank it nothing happens just the electronics pause. I have gotten stuck in a few places and I have push started it. Maybe after a few hours or the next morning it'll start up no problem.

I had started to believe it just needed a retune but my tuner said it was not the tune. I have checked all my sensors from the manifold install and they all look good. No codes are being thrown. On idle it sometimes has a slight rough idle.

Anyone knows what it might be? I am starting to think it might be my starter or crank position sensor. Car is about to hit 100k.
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