2013 Performance White or 2012 Kona Blue Boss 302?

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  1. My local dealer will get me a 2012 Kona blue Boss or any 2012 color thats still at dealerships at xplan pricing. I fould a Kona Blue without recaros and im actually think about putting leather in there. or They are willing to sell me their incoming 2013 Performance White Boss at Xplan pricing...it has recaros....about a 3-4k difference in price? what do you guys think? what would you go with?
  2. White + recaros
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  3. +1
  4. normally i would frown at the thought of owning white over kona blue, but in this rare situatioin I will have to also say, +1 on the performance white
  5. I love me a white car. They aren't as common and I think the new body style really looks good in white
  6. I think I have the most uncommon color, Lava Red:nice:
  7. Are you sure on X-plan pricing ?
  8. My xplan only allows v6, gt and the gt500 not the boss..
  9. What do you like??? To me the'12 looks cleaner, the '13 front looks too chunky for me along with the hood louvers. On the other hand white stripes on blue looks kind of goofy. This from a guy with a '12 White Boss...
  10. 2012 = Vista Blue? :shrug:
  11. + 2
  12. I would definitely go with the Recaros. I've driven several of the new 12/13s with the standard seats, and my lower back can't take more than an hour or so behind the wheel. Recaros are much more comfortable and supportive. If you can get a 13 with your Xplan, you're getting a steal. Best I could find searching most of the western US was MSRP for a 13 (I was searching for an LS though). Either way, you're going to be one happy camper!
  13. If you can get x-plan, then the '13 GT should be no problem. I got mine on x-plan about a month-and-a-half ago. I think there's still a $1k or $1.5k rebate still, too.