2013 Shelby GT 500 to have 600+ hp 5.8 V8

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  1. <p>Details surrounding the 2013 Mustang Shelby GT500 have surfaced as part of a new labor agreement between Ford & the UAW, foreshadowing what should lead to a modular rendition of the 351ci / 5.8l Romeo-built power plant, slated to land in the 2013 Shelby GT500. Sources say this engine should easily pump out over 600hp, [...]</p><p>Read more of <a href="http://www.stangnet.com/2011/10/05/2013-shelby-gt-500-to-have-600-hp-5-8-v8/">2013 Shelby GT 500 to have 600+ hp 5.8 V8</a> at <a href="http://www.stangnet.com">StangNet</a>!</p>

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  2. Amazing... Hopefully these things don't get any heavier.
  3. Should still be lighter than the Camaro and Challenger.
  4. is the 5.8 based off the 5.4 thats stroked? or a new engine like the 5.0 coyote?
  5. Am I the only one that thinks "what's the point"? It can't put the power down now.
  6. Yes. 600hp is F-ing cool. I can't help but wonder when the government is going to step in and start regulating power ratings from the factory. I don't think a dumbass with $60k should be driving around with 600.

  7. Regulations are already coming ny friend. You will be taxed based on how much more pollution your car makes than factory. Will be a yearly tax.

  8. Huh?

    There have been emissions regulations since before I was born. The current topic is about whether the government will come up with a way to regulate the power output of privately owned vehicle. 600 HP doesn't mean you're creating more emissions than the next guy. Hell, there's a Toyota in my neighborhood with a *cough* tune and a fart can that puts out WAY more emissions than a factory 600 HP Mustang will. o_O
  9. I doubt the gov will step in to limit HP. Although they were about to implement a limit on motorcycle top speed but the manufactures did it on there own, I believe the self imposed limit was set to 186.

    I'll be ordering the 2013 as soon as I can.