2013 Shelby Gt500 Super Snake

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    It seems like the closer we get to 50th Anniversary of the Ford Mustang, the bar keeps being raised higher and higher. Shelby American is going to be one of the many key players in the aftermarket upping ante with their release of the 2013 Shelby GT500 Super Snake. Their base model pumps out 662hp and carries an optional upgrade to push out 850hp…substantial amounts, regardless of purpose, we think. One key point to not here, is Shelby American is lowering their entry point base price and leaving a “more coin” approach to upgrades to get to the 850hp mark–along with a plethora of options, performance upgrades aside from the power train, and all the given accoutrements that come with the 2013 Shelby GT500.
    So, does this sound like something you might go for? If so, you’d better get your ducks in a row, as there will only be 500 of 2013 Shelby Super Snakes built, in either coupe or convertible (inclusive). Keep reading to get the rest of the juicy details in the official Press Release.
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