2013 V6... 16 Mpg?

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  1. Hello all.

    Newly purchased V6 convertible. Getting ~16 MPG in mixed driving. All of 400 miles on the odometer. That seem a tad low to anyone else?
  2. I've gotten as much as 27.5 and as little as 22 on min ate 2,000 miles. I have the 6 speed manual and feel like I could do around 29 if the car was not so much fun to drive.
  3. I live in NYC and I get anywhere from 14-17mpg all the time. MIXED.
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  4. Drive it like the gas pedal is an on/off switch and watch that fuel needle go down.
  5. i get 22 combined in my 2013 v6, and i give it tons of gas off the red lights
  6. Hey noiseguy,

    If you're unhappy with the MPGs you're getting, you can always make an appointment at your dealership so they can take a look. Additionally, you may want to check out these Fuel Economy Tips.

    As always, feel free to reach out to me via PM if you have any questions.

    Have a great weekend!


  7. Not if you're using the gas pedal as an on/off switch.
  8. Yeah... I don't mash either the throttle or the brake. I'm now getting right around 20 MPG with 2500 on the odometer in mixed driving, which seems a tad low. I plan to have them look at it when it goes in for its first oil change.
  9. yea im at 2100 miles and mines about that if i gun it real hard
  10. Wait till you get a few thousand miles on it. It will loosen up, my mileage is better than that and I have GT with 3.73 in the rear :)

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  11. How you drive and the driving environement you are in often affects fuel mileage more than what you drive. If you are only driving in the city (stoplights, stop signs, congestion), upper teens are to be expected.

    When I drive all on straight, rural roads or interstate (cruise set at 60 or 70 mph) in the summer, my 2011 5.0 gets around 30 mpg. When I'm in stop and go driving, or having some fun with it, it drops into the teens to around 20 like yours.

    The premium octane fuel around me is often ethanol free, which helps. Ethanol spiked fuels will reduce your mileage. Cooler weather this time of year, and the winter blend fuel will cause it to drop off a few mpg as well.
  12. Just give the engine time to get broken in.

    We bought my mom an 08 V6, and her's got better fuel economy the more miles she put on it.

    The 3.7 V6 also, for economy, likes to be around 2000 or so RPM.
  13. Auto or stick? My '11 'vert with the manual
    has averaged around 21mpg. My best is 34 on the turnpike going from Toledo to Atlantic City. My worst was around 15 in stop and go driving out east. Most of the time it is in the high teens and low twenties. Beats my '03 Cobra 'vert which is lucky to get 12 in the city and 22 on the highway, top up or down.
  14. I agree with the guys that talk about giving it time to break-in..

    If you drive it rather aggressively the first few thousand miles, it will give you a better piston ring seal and that alone will yield a much higher MPG after it is fully broken in. When I say aggressively, I am not talking about beating on it. Just relatively strong acceleration from a dead stop alone will increase the cylinder pressures and will seat the rings better.

    Mine is in storage right now for the winter, but so far is around 16.5 combined with only a couple hundred miles on the clock so far. When it comes out in the spring, it will get an oil change and then the treatment I just talked about.
  15. This is exactly right.

    Don't even worry about MPG figures until your car is over 5-10,000 miles.

    Whatever you do, do NOT baby a brand new engine! Your rings will NOT seal correctly and the engine will always suffer from poor (under performing) performance.
  16. The best I can get out of my 2013 V6 Vert. is between 19-22.
    Only have 700 miles on it and I know about ring seal but that is piss poor. Was expecting much more from this combo.
    My 09 CTS with a 3.6 was getting better mileage in varying conditions. My 02 Trans Am vert. was getting much more and my 04 GT vert. was getting better.
    I'll give it a few months and if it doesn't improve BYE BYE Stang.
  17. I really lol at the 10k to properly seat rings.
  18. I really LMAO at your avatar!
  19. Funny thread, I get 21 mixed driving. Hows my avatar? Drive that new pony HARD! it helps to break the motor in. Research this.
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  20. Just to give you guys another perspective, in my '13 GT I'm getting 18mpg (as reported by the car) in Los Angeles. This is my DD but not my commuter (i take the train to work). 3k miles. Auto. Oh, and I'm usually through an intersection before the opposing car fully passes the crosswalk.