2013 V6 Gasl Mileage

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  1. Wifey's 2013 v6 base hase 21xxx miles on it. Over the last week or so the MPG has seriously take a dive. Oil changed every 5k miles with Ford filter and Rotella oil. Currentl at 50% life. Wife drives like an old lady.
    Was getting around 19-21 in town, now 15-17. Checked the tire pressure- fine. Replaced a dirty air filter. Use only top tier gas. Dumped a bottle of Techron in the tank. I've read some threads that is is a problem with 2013 v6 automatics but the car never was this bad. The onboard mpg goes as low as 12-13 mpg when idling and is now consistently 3-5 mpg lower than what it was. I've heard that disconnecting the battery for an hour will reset the EEC and that had worked sometimes.

    Car is still under warranty to I'll take it in and let them run some diagnostics.

    Anyone else with this problem?
  2. I know the oil why not affect the gas mileage by much, but why are you running Rotella and which Rotella and weight are you running? I don't know much about the V6, but the V8's variable cam timing would not like a much heavier oil. Pretty sure the Rotella is Diesel oil. I don't see that they have a 5w20 or 5w30. Just curious, I know this isn't the problem here.
  3. Disconnected the battery for an hour. That seems to have fixed the issue. Rotella oil is used by Ford for years at all their dealers and is the oil the cars come from the factory.