2014 3.7 Performance Mods

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  1. How much of a HP increase can I expect with exhaust and CAI
  2. When you say 'exhaust', do you mean mufflers or full exhaust?

    I'd say with full exhaust, keeping the Cats, maybe 15 HP. With a CAI, maybe 2-3 HP.

    *Take what the manufacturers/sellers say about HP with a grain of salt, as not all cases will be the same...

    Any mod(s), when combined with a tune, would yield the best results.
  3. Thats about what i was thinking, I installed a magnaflo catback street series, and it sounds awesome. Next step will be CAI with tune, THX
  4. When I buy the tuner, is it as easy as they say, pretty much plug and play?
  5. com on guys, are you telling me nobody on this forum uses a tuner -- CHOP
  6. I do not have a tuner, but if you buy the Tuner with, say, a CAI then it should be plug and play.

    Pretty similar to using a scanner to scan a CEL.
  7. OK, thx, but why do I have to have CAI to use it, understand? I shouldn't , I mean, I'm thinking of buying one, as I mentioned, but I don't know why I would, can you answer that?--- CHOP
  9. anybody else on this forum, besides me and early that answers questions Hellllo out there lol -- CHOP
  10. If you purchase a tuner and a tune from us ... in short, then yes, it will be pretty much a plug and play. If you are ordering a tune and it is sent via email ... then you will have to load the tune on your device via a computer. You can reach out about the items here:


    You will see minimal gains with the CAI & Exhaust ... the power adder comes from the tune. It is very hard to speculate on HP numbers ... but when we did our tune & cai on the V6 ... these are the numbers that we achieved - upto 20hp and 30ft/lbs of torque & possibly higher!


    When you add the exhaust you can expect
  12. OK, you say you did a tune on a newer v-6 with CAI, and got gains UP TO 20 hp, so was it 20hp or 10hp, THATS what I would like to know--- CHOP
  13. All I'm asking is, before I spend $7-8 hundred bucks on a CAI and a tuner is if I'm going to get 20HP gain, if so, then for me it's worth it , if not IDK--- CHOP
  14. Here is our dyno sheet:

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  16. Nice, really impressed with the torque-- THX
  17. why do they have no tune CAI and you have to tune CAI, I don't understand
  18. sorry, but a CAI is a CAI , right, I don't see a difference
  19. Guess I'll reply to myself-- HA, anyway installed the air raid last week, could tell a difference, not a BIG difference , but it was there, didn't get a tune, but thats acomin when I want to spend the money--- CHOP
  20. I took the air raid off for a week kinda pissed off, sounds nice, but I don't know if I like it or not, AND NO, I didn't get a tuner yet, maybe that will make a difference, gonna make a few more runs and let you all know--- CHOP