2014 3.7 Performance Mods

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  1. Keep us posted.
  2. ok, I installed it back on today, I might make a run in the morn-- CHOP
  3. would I have to buy a NEW tuner, or could I have someone tune MY car off theres, just wondering--- CHOP
  4. Just wondering, I can buy a used tuner right, or have someone with a tuner tune my car, correct?
  5. A tuner often times has a pre-loaded or custom tune loaded on it; either a tune to go with associated part(s), or to bring the car to a determined power level. The issue I can see with the purchase of a used tuner is the tune may not be meant to optimize the part(s) involved, or may be leaving some power on the table.

    I would also assume you could use someone else's tuner on your car but, again, the tune loaded in the tuner would not be custom tailored for your specific application.
  6. yes, that I know, sorry I didnt stipulate that, I have CAI and exhaust, so if I know someone with a 3.7 and the same mods I could flip him $50 and tune mine HA-- CHOP
  7. Since the mods are the same, I don't see why the tuner would not work on your car. Go for it.
  8. The tuner may not work also if the tuner is married to another car. It will be locked, meaning you would not be able to use it. They are very tricky!
  9. This is the thing I was worried about, so How would I know, Imean if someone lived close to me with the same mods and a tuner I would gladly flip him $50 to do the tune, IDK like I said, just wondering--- CHOP
  10. From what I have read some of the tuners used have to put original car back to stock to unmarried it. Then I have heard you have to pay to have the tuner unlocked. Only way to find out is to hook it up.
  11. When you use a tuner such as the SCT handheld you are physically removing the factory programming from the vehicle and replacing it with new software that has been loaded with your "tune"
    Once this process is complete you have a hand held tuner that is storing your factory programming. You can not use this tuner on another vehicle unless you re install the factory programming to the first vehicle. There are licensing restrictions that will prevent you from using this device on more than once vehicle at a time. Even as a shop that does a lot of custom tuning we can't unlock these programers to work on more than one vehicle at a time, only the manufacture can unlock these handhelds once they have been loaded.
  12. THX Man, this is the info I was looking for-- CHOP
  13. I'm going to leave it off until I can buy a tuner, I can tell a difference with it on, just doesn't perform right-- CHOP
  14. sorry for being redundant here but just to clarify; would you recommend to others not to get just a CAI and only buy the combos with tuner?
  15. Thats what I would reccomend!
  16. Guess its been awhile since Ive been on here, so here goes, I did get a tuner, I had problems with Steeda tune, and after a lot of my time with data logging bull:poo: , I sent it back. I ordered a Bama tune and I couldnt be Happier, I'm currantly running the 93 tune and its responsive as HELL, hope this helps, REALLY HAPPY
  17. Been awhile I guess to upgrade my post,I got a Bama tuner awhile back, and it is great, especially the 93 r tune, been running that since day one, today I thought I'd try the 87 street, I'll let you all know how I like that--- CHOP
  18. I thought I'd try the 87 street, so I put that tune in last week, oh man, didn't like it at all, MPG got better but it pretty much ran like stock, so it's back to the 93R, it's awesome