2014 Gt 5.0 Track Pack.......anybody Have One Yet??

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  1. I picked up a 2014 GT last week (Canada), the window sticker on mine has the $2200 option listed as "GT brake performance racing package" - is this the equivalent of the track pack for the US or something slightly different?
  2. What options is listed on the sticker under the "GT brake performance racing package?" Some of the extra notable options with the GT Track Pack are 3.73 gears with the Torsen differential and Boss 302 Radiator.
  3. 255/40R19 tire
    3.73 ratio ltd slip w/torsen
    19" prem painted alum wheel

    Those are the only things it lists on the window sticker, doesn't even mention the name Brembo.
    If you go on the ford.ca website and do a build & price for a 2013 (doesn't have 2014 yet), the details for the $2200 option list engine oil cooler and upgraded boss 302 radiator in the package.
  4. Yes I picked one up a week ago. The brake perfprmance package is 2200.00 Thats the track pack for us. You get the Boss rad, oil cooler and im sure you know the rest,
  5. I picked up my '14 GT Track Pack on Sunday. It does not have the Recaros, but has the cashmere stripe interior. It was on the lot at my work and the D-Plan pricing made it totally worth it.





    Mods planned so far are the Laguna Seca brake ducts, and braided stainless brake lines.

    Power is plenty for the mountain roads in Montecito. I traded in my 2004 Volvo S60R for this, so the 120hp bump is very nice. I do miss having an active chassis system, but it feels amazing.
  6. Little thing...the 3.73s non-Torsen rears have always come with the GT500 carbon clutches in the diff as standard. Little thing Ford didn't advertise. Most of the TP value is in the BBP (so called, "GT brake performance package") already. The additional cooling is ok if you live on the sunny side of Mars or...Texas but, isn't necessary. The Torsen is nice on a roadgoing or left-right-left racing app but not so hot at the dragstrip even with this mild version.
  7. Good thing mine will most likely never see a dragstrip. Open track days, that is a strong possibility.
  8. I love my 2014! Recaro seats, Brembo brakes, boss radiator and 3.73s. I was able to beat a 03 cobra with full exhaust
  9. If you plan to modify the car in the future, I wouldn't buy the GT Track Pack.
  10. My car came in two weeks ago, had the chance to watch her roll off the truck. Love my Track Pack - can't beat the price for everything this option has.






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  11. Huh??? Bigger brakes, extra cooling, and lower gears are a perfect start for modifying.
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  12. I got the same car!! Except my shifter is different. How much did you pay?
  13. I ordered mine back in June - I paid with the X-plan so I was a couple grand under sticker price. I changed out the stock shift knob for a Steeda cue ball.
  14. I just picked up a 2014 GT Premium with Track Pack and Comfort Package. Was going to order and possibly use X-Plan but my dealer found one close and I got it down under X-Plan.

    So far I tinted the windows. Planning a clear bra next week and might order a GT500 wing tonight. Great car. Now I just need to learn how to really drive it. :)
  15. Not sure if it's still worth commenting here but I have a Track Pack 2014 with Recaros and Sync.

    I don't care for the Recaros to be honest; I think the base seats are more comfortable and look better up close (I was hoping for quality and feel more in-line with my old 911's Recaros).

    If you care about sound, spring for the next level up Stereo. Sync is nice but my girlfriends base model Focus sounds quite a bit better. It serviceable but would have been a little sub-par even 10 years ago.

    Brakes are very good, Torsen is very good. Traction Control is absolutely spot on perfect. The only way it could be better is if it actually read my mind. Track Pack is worth the price of admission for the traction control tune alone.

    Also it come with lots of pieces that aren't mentioned. Higher spring rates, Upgrade Lower Control Arms, Finned Aluminum Differential Cover, and the Traction Control tune are the highlights of the unlisted items I think.