2014 Gt Intake Silencer Removal??

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  1. Has anybody any thoughts if this is doable?? I have a drop in K&N and it looks like the intake has a snorkel attached to the port in the front grill...On my 2003 GT, I removed the rubber trumpet(?) looking snorkel to improve air flow...CAI's seem a bit pricey, $350+, so if I could get more air with the stock intake minus the snorkel, it would be better....
  2. Dude, you need to research this car a bit more and discard your old 4.6 thinking. That "snorkel" is the cold air part of your cold air intake. it's more than sufficient to feed this engine all the air it needs, naturally aspirated. the drop in K&N was a waste of money, too.
  3. TT5.oca, Thanks for the thoughts...I was assuming that when I look at all the CAI's available for the 5.O Coyote motor with an exposed conical filter, that if I could remove the small "snorkel" size intake and have a wider air flow intake without it, it would improve performance...With the way the car pulls now, I don't see much need for a Tuner and CAI, which seems to be a common performance upgrade...
  4. Just because it's common doesn't mean it does anything. The power in this engine is in the tune you put on it. Basic mechanics will also tell you that unless you change the volumetric efficiency of the engine, with say, cams, compression, porting, forced induction, etc., there is little to be had from opening the intake up to more cfm capability. Turning your factory cold air intake into a hot air intake isn't going to help either.

    All this data is out there and easily found. Draw your own conclusions based on what you find, if you don't believe me.

    I'm in the 11s at 115+ on a full load GT, through the factory paper filter and box.
  5. the stock air box untouched is more than capable of supporting lots of power, let it be.
  6. I would bet a box of doughnuts you could still pull well over 500 HP with the stock intake. If I was going to do anything I would go suspension then a tune and leave the air plumbing be.
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  7. Dog nuts?
  8. agreed. exhaust, suspension, tuning. wait until you have a power adder or cams etc
  9. Funny enough I saw myth buster debunk the whole cold air intake thing. They dyno tested one car with the stock air intake, then no air intake and then a CAI...the result was the cars power was exactly the same in fact it actually dropped about 2 HP when they tested it with the cold air intake and with no air intake. That being said it performed the best with the stock one. They look cool and all, but that's all they do. If you wanna make power while staying naturally aspirated go with a tune, cams, headers, maybe a new intake manifold. The Boss 302 intake promises 61 more HP and the Ford Racing one promises a bit more. You can keep your compression so down the road if you wanna add a supercharger.