2014 Gt Premium W/ Track Package

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  1. Proud owner of a brand new 2014 Mustang Gt Premium with the track and appearance packages. My previous car was a 2006 VW Jetta GLI, but i have always wanted a RWD. My dad owned 3 Mustang Gt's when I was little, so it has kinda been a dream to have one too. Anyone else in the ATX area?
    photo1_zpsd0230976.jpg photo2_zps60b35475.jpg photo5_zpsce6ea229.jpg
  2. Very nice, I think you will like it better than the Jetta:D
  3. Beautiful car! Congrats!!!
  4. GT Premium, track package, I bet that's near fully loaded!! Congratulations!

    so do the wing and side scoops come with the track package or are they dealer installed? I know they come on the CS by default
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  5. Nice.

    If that's the girlfriend in pic#2 you could post some more pics. ;)
  6. The wing and side scoops are part of a factory appearance package that came on the car.
  7. Thats my sister :nono:
  8. ohhh, right on!
  9. Good. one less obstacle.
  10. Woah bro.....
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