2014 Mustang Gt/Cs Idle and dying issue


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Jul 15, 2020
Topeka, Ks
Mods -
Cobra Jet Set Up includes:
Intake Manifold
Throttle Body
Cold Air Intake
x4 Tuner
Roush Axle back Exhaust
3.73 Ford Performance Gears
JMS/Remote Adjustable Knob (Currently Not Installed)
Circle D Stall Converter
Koni Adjustable Rear Shocks
Kooks LT Headers
H Pipe
Cats Removed
Axles Welded
Ford Performance Ev6 High Flow 47lb Injectors
JLT Oil Separator
Sway Bar Relocation Kit
Racestar Full Set Wheels

Now to the problem Idle has always been a little weird with this since mods have been added. Also here lately when started mainly on a cold start car can be put into reverse and idle for a second or two and then car dies. Car has been tuned by multiple reputable tuners and no luck also datalogged out the you know what. Vacuum leaks checked nothing found IAC also replaced. Any advice on this matter is appreciated and i will answer any question i have the knowledge to answer.
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David Young

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Sep 16, 2012
Clinton, Tennessee
I can't help you but something to check. My v6 was running bad. I found a hairline crack in one of the plastic fittings on my JLT oil separator. I went to my local hardware store and replaced both fitting with brass ones. If your JLT catch can has the plastic fittings, I would be checking them for air leaks...Good luck :)