2014 Mustang Minor Problem

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  1. My new 2014 Mustang 3.7 manual transmission in white with black interior just arrived today. I noticed that the rear license plate/frame attaches with 4 screws and that the top 2 holes were drilled in the plastic to the screw diameter. In other words the pointy tipped coarse thread screws do not thread directly into the plastic. The right hand screw engages a nut plate or something and can be tightened down firmly while the left hand screw turns freely with the fingers and cannot be tightened. Can anybody suggest how I can fix this. It doesn't look like I can simply reach up from underneath because its a tight space and a long reach.
    And by the way the 2 bottom holes are just dimple marks in the plastic, should I drill these or just get 2 more of those coarse thread pointed screws and put them directly into the plastic? Thanks for your help guys.
  2. It almost sounds like someone at the dealer may have pre-drilled a pilot hole, and overtightened the screws. Or they could have used the wrong sized screws:shrug: The screws should be black hexed/flat headed.

    If you so choose, you can put two more screws where the dimples are on the bottom.
  3. Those are exactly the screws that I have and yes the upper holes appeared drilled and the screw thread does not engage the drilled plastic hole - it's threading into something on the back side of the rear fasia (a nut plate?) but only on the right side.
  4. Take it back and have them do it right?
  5. I had the exact same problem. I went to O'Rielly Autoparts and picked up a couple push plugs. I actually prefer them now. They hold really well and I can easily remove the plate for detailing. I'll post the exact size and part number when I get home from work tonight.
  6. They come in a clear container with neon green backing, hanging on the racks by all the license plate screws.
    They are 1/4" Body Push In Nylon Rivets, and they come in a pack of 4.
    Part# 452630BP
    It also says C-52 on the back if that helps.
    But seriously, these things hold like a mother. I was worried at first, but there is no way that plate is coming off unless I want it to. Plus they look great, a helluva lot better than screws on the back of your car. I hope the picture is clear. The one on the left is a little messed up because I got impatient with some needle nose pliers.

  7. I wonder if the piece the screw is hitting behind the bumper is the absorber; which is a hardened piece of styrofoam to help absorb rear-end impacts. If this is the case, it isn't a big deal damage-wise but a huge deal in the frustration dept.:fuss:
  8. Those Push plugs look like an easy solution, thanks for the information!