2014 Thinking Of Painting Rear Panel

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 S-197 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by SlammedGT, Mar 25, 2014.

  1. I've never been a fan of the blackout panels... And of course the 14 comes stock.... After seeing those MMD tail light bezels on American Muscle I was thinking of ordering those in either dark gray or silver and painting the whole panel same gray or silver ... What do you guys think for my DIB? image.jpg
  2. Up to you man, but I plan on doing the GHIG bezels for my lights and leaving the decklid alone. I think it looks so sick. Whatever makes you happy!
  3. image.jpg Something like this is what I was thinking
  4. it would be very interesting to see it first. not sure about the tail light trim being silver or aluminum. might be a little too much for my taste at least.