2014 Track Pack (maximum Tire Fitment On 19x9 Wheels)

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  1. Hello all. Figured I would use my resources here on stangnet.

    I have a 2014 Track Pack GT. Has the 19x9 wheels with the Brembo setup of course.

    What is the maximum tire size for the rears and fronts. Of course has the 255/40/R19s right now. Think it's 40s. Old age kicking in.

    I was thinking of going with 285 in the rear and 255 in the front. I understd the 285s on the rear are possible, but are there concerns with fitment and separation issues in harder turns? Really don't want to get new wheels because I actually like the factory wheels looks. Thinking of painting them a Black Satin when i got to replace the wheels so I have the proper time to prep, paint and have them cure properly.

    Thanks for the help!
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  2. 285s will fit just fine.
  3. I have 275/35R20XL all the way around and work great. Also the Roush supension changes lower the car by at least 1.5 to 2 inches. No rubbing or scrapping issues. Fit very nice. Are you planning on sticking with the stock 19" Brembo rims? If so the 20's I have probably won't help you much

    Here is a great site to see what the actual size difference is between different tire sizes...
  4. I bought the Weld RT-S 15" wheels for the rear and put M.T. 325/50 drag radials on the rear. Big tire and it fits with no issue. However it requires a sway bar relocation bracket. Ony about $35 and an easy install.
  5. I have the 255's front and 275/40 rear. looks great. the biggest thing for me was the 275 40 is 3/4 of an inch taller than the 255 and helps fill the wheel well a bit better. the 285/35 is a touch smaller diameter than the 255 and I was worried as I am stock height.i have a 2011 brmbro car if that makes a difference.