Electrical 2014 V6 Dash/software/electronics Glitch

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  1. I’m new to StangNet – my intro here:

    I have a new (only 1200 miles) 2014 V6 Premium Convertible with NAV.

    We were returning from trip to Orlando on I-4 and got stuck in a 5 mile backup do to an accident. It took us about 45 minutes at 5 mph to get past the accident.

    We had just started to get back up to speed (70 mph) when the center dash display went crazy. The 3 ICONS below the center display came on (see photo below) and the display itself had a red frame and in the frame in errors in text would display – like 0 miles to empty and battery voltage at 0. The car continued to run okay (engine) but the AC shut done (compressor) but the little LED on the AC button remained lit.

    I was in the left lane in a lot of traffic and began to attempt to move to the right lane to get off at the next exit with the thoughts that perhaps if I shut the car off and restarted it that it may clear the problem. After about 5 minutes, never made it to an exit, the dash returned to a normal display and the AC compressor started running.

    So has anyone else experienced similar software/electronics issues while driving?

    About a week ago the check engine ICON came on with not apparent reason. I took it to my local Ford dealer and they cleared the ICON but found no reason for it. I had also done a vehicle health report via SYNC and which indicated “Malfunction Indicator Lamp – Regulatory” perhaps these two problems are related. I have an appointment for Ford to check the Mustang again, but don’t have a good feeling that they will find anything that what indicate what happened on our trip back from Orlando.


    reference photo
  2. I think it's possible your cluster may have lost connection with the ECM or smart junction box. If that happens, it can light lights without precipitating cause. The cluster is not just a dumb bunch of lights and dials, it's a built in part of the oversight on the various systems in the car. Usually this will throw a code. You can get codes yourself if you have tech, just punch buttons 3 and 6 together and select the button for DTCs on the screen.
  3. I am not familiar with the term 'tech' in this context and it is a bit to vague for me to Google to understand exactly what you are referring to.
    I assume it is a unit to connect to the OBDII port to read the codes. I do have a ScanGauge II from when I had an F250 6.4 PSD. I did connect it and it found No Codes and No Pending Codes.

    I assumed there is/was a connection problem some place between systems and the ECM or that connection issue could be within the ECM itself. Unfortunately it is one of those problems I'm afraid is going to be hard to diagnose, as most intermittent problems are.

    I am just hoping they (Ford) can find and resolve it before next April when we leave with this Mustang to do the 'Mustangs Across America' (MAA) run from Los Angles to Charlotte (for us ... Florida to LA to Charlotte and back to Florida).

    Thanks for your input TT5.oca.
  4. "Tech" is the optional package that comes with the big 8" touch screeen centre stack. Buttons 3 and 6 are the radio buttons. The problem with scan gauge, etc. is they can't read deeper level, Mustang specific codes for this car, just the basic OBD2 stuff. Ford IDS can do that or you can, if you have the optional tech like I described.

    While yer at it, check you battery condition and voltage. Always job one when weird electrical glitches show up on a modern car.
  5. TT5.Oca - Thank you for the clarification - I have a bit to learn on the newer generation Mustangs - Fords
  6. TT5.Oca - Yes my Mustang does have the Tech Package and the listed DTCs Code is:
    Error Code: U015500 - Lost Communication with IPC (Instrument Panel Cluster)

    Now to find the possible loose/intermittent connection. TT5 - Again thank you for your insight. - Russ

    PS - I don't suppose you know how to get into the Tech Package on 2013 Edge with the MyTouch screen setup? With the MyTouch, all the radio controls are 'soft' touch screen presets. I guess I am assuming the Edge has a builtin Tech Package too to read DTCs codes
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