2014 v6 High frequency (electric) noise from dash


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Nov 8, 2018
Spokane, WA
Hello, how are you guys doing?

I have recently bought a 2014 Mustang v6 base with only 27k miles, and i am having an issue that the dealership does not seem interested in addressing it ...

Whenever I turn my car on and the dashboard lights up, the gauge cluster starts making a loud high frequency noise.

It sounds like one of those old tube televisions turning on. That "static" / "electricity" / "something not grounded properly noise".

It happens even when the engine is off. As long as the dash lights are on, the noise is there. It gets louder during the day because the dashboard lights up more intensely during the day.

I have taken to two different dealerships, and both told me that only a few mechanics were able to hear the noise, so therefore they told me that it was a "normal" noise mustangs make.

I believe this is not true, as such noise is louder than anything in my car. It is loud to the point of giving me headaches and making my ear hurt.

Has anyone noticed or had a problem with such sound seemingly coming from the gauge clusters?

Ford does not seem to want to help me. My car still under warranty, so i would like to get it fixed.
I do not want to have spent this much money for a car that makes my ears hurt.

Also, i just had to let it all out. Sorry guys/gals.

I have only found 1 post in here that describes the same problem, but no answer.

Has anyone had the same problem? I am desperate here...

Thank you very much for all of your help
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