2015 Dealer Preview Guide

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  1. Got this forwarded by the Treasurer of a local MCA. Dealer Preview guide.




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  2. That was a score. :nice:
  3. thats beyond my pay scale :(
  4. There's not much more to it. Here's another set of the same pics:

    2015 MDP1.jpg 2015 MDP2.jpg 2015 MDP3.jpg 2015 MDP4.jpg

    What you see (other than some talk) is pretty much what you had to begin with.
  5. well done
  6. The ecoboost four has active noise cancellation, hmmm .
  7. I noticed that too. I wonder if it's because 4 cylinders are naturally more noisy. I hope they aren't trying to hide the sweet sounds that the turbo will make.
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  9. Guy said it was 100lbs heavier... I thought it was 200lbs lighter than the S197?
  10. That was the rumors before reveal, but Edmunds seems to have evidence to the contrary. Official specs are yet to be released, but I truly don't expect it to be wider and lighter given the IRS.
  11. Ford already said it's wider than the outgoing model. 15mm in the front, 70mm in the rear. Wheelbase is unchanged though.
  12. Right, but the weight is still speculation. I wish they'd come out and tell us already!
  13. Hmmmm. I don't know. An all steel/cast iron live axle compared to an aluminum pumpkin with aluminum control arms ect, even at 70mm wider (2.75") it is totally possible that the IRS is actually lighter than the old live axle set-up.
  14. Interesting. I hadn't thought of it that way. I'd be pleasantly surprised if it ends up being lighter as well as wider and equipped with IRS.
  15. I'm pretty sure I read or saw a video (the Jay Leno one maybe?) that stated the GT is 200lbs lighter then the current model. Even though the wheel base is the same and the car is wider, it does have shorter over hangs front and rear. That has to save a few pounds. Plus there are ways to reduce weight other then reducing the size of the car, such as more extensive us of aluminum or fiberglass .
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