2015 Ford Mustang Debut December 5th

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  1. What’s that? We don’t have to wait until March or April of next year to see the 2015 Mustang, or portions thereof? Color us happy!

    That’s right–official Ford intel points to the official 2015 Mustang debut being set for December 5, 2013…mere days away! Finally, everyone can put aside all of the total speculation, wishful renderings, and spy shots that don’t really show much more than a 5 year old’s crayon scribbles.

    So what’s this mean? It means that Ford is jumping the gun a little bit, by not delaying to make the official 2015 Mustang reveal at the New York International Auto Show, where the first Mustang made its entry 50 years ago. The unveiling of the 2015 Mustang is also set to take place on 6 cities in 4 continents on 5Dec2013 (further testament to the Mustang evolving to a global platform). And of course, the social media front will be completely lit with an official countdown, teasers, and suspense leading up to the official public announcement.

    Sit tight, everyone; it’s going to be a fun next two weeks!

    Source: Car & Driver

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  2. Can't wait till five seconds after the reveal on December 5th when 75% of stangnet's members instantly jump on here and predict the Mustang's imminent demise and how they're all massively disappointed.
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  3. It looks smaller, though hard to tell w/o scale. I like it.
  4. Styling Likes:
    - The fenders swelling outwards from the body lines/wider track - very nice.
    - The way the roofline integrates with the rear quarter.
    - The less pronounced bumper "shelf" in the front.
    - No more fake gas cap in the middle of the trunk lid makes it look a bit cleaner.

    - I don't like the interior much at all; looks more generic, and as slapped together as a mid-1970s Lamborghini. Hopefully it's the picture quality or pre-production issues.
    - The rear quarter window now looks like nearly every other sport coupe on the market.
    - The tail lights. Maybe they'll look better lit up, but I thought the '13-'14 style was such a cool setup.
    - No more hockey stick on the side.
    - Overall seems a bit softer and less masculine-looking.

    On the balance, though, I still think it looks good. In a few years I'll probably love it.