2015+ Front End Uncovered, For Real

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  1. Seems, if true, that the current front grill is retained in frame but fogs relocated (assuming GT) along with blinkers (and LED strip?). I like the headlamp assembly mold. If this is the production, I'd be thrilled.
  2. Looks great so far
  3. headlights remind me of the SN95 headlights.
  4. I dunno....I'd have to see more pics before I vote....lots of Darth Vader going on there. :hide:
  5. Are those Mercedes Benz style LED strips?
  6. Does it look like a new Mitsubishi to anyone else?
  7. looks pretty good to me, but I can kind of see a fusion or Taurus front there.... which looks like a EVO X
  8. Ahh yep that's what I'm seeing.
  9. I guess I was hoping Ford would build a tribute car for the anniversary rather than something ricer-looking....I'm just sayin, it's a muscle car with history, not a 4 door Lexus performance sedan
  10. they are trying to go in a new direction for the mustang and yeah they are kind of moving towards making all of the cars look slightly similar. It still looks good, and it still looks like a MUSTANG for sure. You cant say it looks less like a mustang then a new edge.... We now see that as a mustang but when it came out peoples went WTF

  11. Admittedly, I'm dated, but the 05 thru 09 GT's brought back to life the 69 & 70 muscle cars which were at their peak.....so much so that Chrysler reintroduced a faithfully reproduced Challenger and Chevy ressurected the 69 Camaro body lines. I love my 05 and it irritates me when folks think my 98 is an Olds Alero. Lol
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  12. Nice, a Dodge.
  13. Exactly.....the only acceptable mistaken identity on the street might possibly be thinking a Corvette is a Viper...for a second. The consortium that makes everything "vanilla" should be disbanded. ;)

  14. Those are all the rage, these days. :shrug:
  15. Looks like ford is trying to get a feel for their work right now.

    but the crappy quality of the pic suggests that it was taken covertly.

    Either way I don't care what it looks like really as long as it doesn't look crappy and has the numbers they keep talkin about.
  16. I don't think it is as bad as some people make it, for the most part it is still the retro front end as seen in the current models except with different headlights. I think the fuss would be a lot bigger if they followed the Evos concept to a tee, then the car would truly look like an Aston Martin or Fusion.
  17. The shape of the grill at least, is less of a departure from the 2013-14 design then I anticipated. I don't hate it, but I really need to see how the rest of the car looks, to make a decision.
  18. Aaah the Big Mouth Mustang. Maybe too big if you ask me.