2015+ Front End Uncovered, For Real

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  1. It looks like a Fusion front end to me, complete with Aston Martin-inspired grille shape that is the new corporate look for Ford. It appears the Mustang is losing it's unique identity to fit in with the lineup and be sold overseas as well as in America.
  2. I can't complain yet, My s197 Fogs are actually obsolete tech.
  3. I like dat der scury clown.
  4. Chevy stylist missed it far enough that I wonder if they knew what an early Camaro looked like .... IMHO .... it's no where close.

  5. It's probably as close as a 2014 GT is to a 69 Boss or Mach1. I guess I just think all the AMERICAN musclecars shouldn't possibly be mistaken for an import. It's bad enough we have to be vigilant for the neighborhood V6 Accord with nitrous. ;)
  6. I see the 2014 as an extension ..... a further step ..... started with the 2005 model restyle ..... which very neatly captured design elements from the 65-68 Mustangs and as the 69-70s evolved from those earlier models, so has the newest Mustangs evolved from the '05s.

    I don't see any connection style wise from a '60s Camaro to the more recent editions once you get past how Chevrolet or Camaro is spelled.
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  8. looking forward to seeing the whole package. Moving back to the US right around the time of the release. Of the modern bodies the current platform and the 99-04 are my favorite. I personally hate the 05-09, they look like they have cheap over sized body panels with huge gaps.

    I care more about the IRS and other goodies though...
  9. yup, sure does, to me the headlights look a little like the ones on EVO X, but the car still looks hot.
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