2015: "fusion" Front Fixed With Photo Edit. What Ya Think?

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  1. LOVE the 2015 'Stang except the front end has way too much "One Ford" or Fusion/Taurus grill. I spent about two minutes with a photo editor. Looks much better to me.

    Maybe a somebody like CDC could make a new front fascia replacment???

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  2. Gotta say it looks worse to me. Different floats for different boats!
  3. So do you like the front of the '15 the way it is then? If not, what do you not like about it?
  4. I'm into drag racing, and its just gonna take a while to warm-up to an Asian drift car look.
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  5. top pic looks lousy o me
  6. I like the factory look better. Nothing wrong with Fusion nose.
  7. I agree, when it's on a Fusion. This is a MUSTANG...
  8. I like the bottom pic better
  9. How about this one?

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  10. Nice photo shop skills. I don't think its so much the front end of the car though. I think the new 2015 Mustang is a good looking car. However, that being said, it just does not look like a Mustang to me anymore. Its to European inspired for my tastes from the front bumper all the way to the rear. I'll stick with the 05-14 models
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  11. Yep I do like the 15 front end! I almost always don't like new car looks when they first come out. After a while they grow on me, this has grown on me fairly well and pretty quickly too.

    I don't have a great deal of imagination sometimes, and I feel things can almost always be better - I can't think of it and have not seen it yet.
  12. I don't understand the hate. At all. And here's a question. What exactly does a Mustang look like? It's had at least 6 different looks, and in reality, much more than that. Which ones are Mustangs and which aren't? What defines the Mustang? How do you pick? Does the Mustang end in 1966 like some enthusiasts proclaim? If I gave 50 people pen and paper and said "draw a mustang" would they all draw the same thing? How about we make this easy. A Mustang is what Ford says it is.

    Ford doesn't have to do this, you guys do know that, right? They could be like other companies that build a sports car for a while, then end production and build a new sports car with a new name, like Hyundai. Or make cars that look completely different from generation to generation, like Subaru. There's only so many ways you can design a 2 door car, and Ford has to compete in a crowded field. Everyone has a 2 door sports car now. And when you start putting these designs in a wind tunnel, they are all going to start looking similar. Ford gave us everything that is required of a Mustang. 2 doors, 2+2 seats, a V8, 3x3 vertical tail lights, RWD, long hood, short deck, they even included round headlights. Ford incorporated their One Ford design, which is selling very well on their other models, and hopefully that will continue on to the Mustang. It has to, or we could lose the Mustang for good, considering how it's sales have been lately. How about we all let this car drive for about 6 months and then see where we stand on it? Or at least see it in person before we start hating.
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  13. Aftermarket grille... problem solved, and you KNOW they'll be available.
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  14. I agree the mustang has looked very differently over the years. However, each person has their own personal taste. I'm one of the people that think the car is good looking, but nothing on the car even remotely reminds me of a Mustang anymore. Take away the pony emblem and the Stang style taillights and it looks like several other sports cars that already exist. It looks like the G37 and its cousin the Nissan 370Z decided one night to have a massive orgy with a Aston Martin DB9, Hyundai Genesis and a few other cars. I can see why several people like it, but at the same time can totally see why people also hate it and others have mixed emotions about it. It may grow on me over time, but I personally am not that big of a fan of it. I'll gladly stick with the 05-14 style cars.

  15. Yeah, and in the early 70s they looked like the love child between a Camaro and a Torino, the mid-to-late 70s were based on the Pinto and looked like a Maverick had a love child with the orignal Mustang, and the early fox-bodies looked like the Chevy Monza and the later fox-bodies looked like the Ford Tempo or Chevy Cavalier... the SN95 and New Edge cars kind of had their own look, though GM and Hyundai copied it to an extent (revised 4th-gen Camaro and the Tiburon, respectively), and the 13-14 cars look like someone smashed the taillights of a 2010 and shoved a Mustang II's grille in it's front end.

    So bring on the love child between the Genesis Coupe and the 370Z because, brother, it's got something they ain't got, a V8 option, and a "MADE IN 'MURICA!" stamp! (I actually like the Genesis Coupe and the 370Z, both are really good cars.)
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  16. Holy sh%t Herman Cain is a founding member?
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  17. I hear ya. To each their own. Not arguing with anyone. As i said before it is a good looking car. Its just not my personal taste i guess. It may grow on me more over time and will wait to pass final judgement when i see the car in person. I didnt like the 71-73's and i didnt like the 74-78's either. So this may be another run that im personally not a fan of. Again, ill give it the benefit of doubt and make my final decision when i see one up close. Even if i dont like it i know for a fact a ton of people will and thats good and fine. To those that are a fan of these 2015's good. Buy one. Enjoy it. Have fun. At the end of the day its all about what makes you happy. Not what others think.
  18. I think the new iteration looks very svelte and mature - it looks like it is in a new class now - up there with the BMWs. To this end I think if you got one with its independant rear suspension and the 300hp turbo 4 you would easily forget it is a mustang, but in a good way, as in thinking it is more prestigious! I like the straight(ish) front sides - reminds me of 5.0s (particularly Vanilla Ice's white convertible). I like the roof, in silver it is looking very classy and close to the 69 sportsroof I love and oh so close to a Porsche Cayman in overall side profile. The rear end - great, the rear deck and shoulders around the roof - sexy!! The front side-profile with the overhanging mouth, and even the front quarter profile is somewhat Jaguar / Aston Marton sports-car like, both of which are (for me) highly desirable.
  19. I wonder what the internet would have been like if it were around for the introduction of the Fox Mustang.
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