2015 Gt On Order

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  1. I drive a Powerstroke every day back and forth to work, I don't think I'll own a truck that isn't a diesel ever! As far as boost and the coyote, they really are built tough. Forged pistons from that factory and a very adequate fuel system help these cars crank out 600 flywheel hp with a minimal amount of boost and other supporting components.
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  2. But what can't take the extra power? The clutch? Tranny? Driveline/u-joints? Rear end? I just want a daily driver I can put 100,000 miles on in the next 5 years
  3. I put a 450hp chip in my cummins, cranked up the boost to 41 PSI, immediately discovered the stock clutch was nowhere near strong enough for that! It would now slip at half throttle in 5th gear.., forget about 6th! $1250 later and a long weekend my 750HP SouthBend dual disc clutch took care of that problem, but I don't want to be messing with any of that on my daily driver. This isn't my toy....
  4. I'm over 600rwhp in my 2011 5.0 and it sees around 2,000 miles per month. I do not baby it.
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  5. That is good to know. Did you have to do any drive line upgrades?
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  6. No sir. I'm still on the stock clutch, and riding the crap out of it! Stock engine, stock MT-82, stock driveshaft, stock rear end. (upgraded suspension, obviously)

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  7. @Sharad, did you actually shift into 5th on that run? sounded like it
  8. Congrats on the 2015 order and Welcome to the forum!

    Nick C.
  9. Yessir- 3.73 gear required a shift to 5th. Powershifted 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, then speed shifted 5th.
  10. Planning on swapping to a higher gear or taller tire?
  11. Welcome and congrats on your order, planedoc! My name is Deysha with Ford Service and I’ll be happy to track it for you.

    You and 84Ttop are welcome to PM me with your dealer’s name and order number so I can help.

  12. PM sent with my order info!! YAY!! :)

  13. Awesome! Where did you find these pictures?
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  14. Just placed my order today as well - here's the build:

    Guard Green
    GT Coupe Premium
    Seats - dark saddle
    401a Equip group
    spoiler delete
    18" black alum
    reverse park assist
    nav sys

    Dealer said that today was the first day they could actually see VINs in the system on their way to the dealership - but no Guard green, so I went ahead and placed my order - whichever comes first...
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