2015 Gt500 Previewed Image

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  2. Looks futuristic. I could live wit that.
  3. I both love and hate the front end. the hexagonal fusion-style grill isn't my fav but i love the look below the splitter. It literally looks like it's going to eat up whatever is in front of it. I sure as hell do not want to see that growing bigger from my rear view. "Slower traffic keep right" will definitely be implied. Not a fan of the side windows. As sleek as it looks, and I've mentioned this before, I'm hoping we dont see Camaro-esque lack of visibility. Design should never sacrifice safety and being able to see out your windows is critical. The hood cowl isn't obnoxiously large, which is nice. Wheels are clean. Lines on the side are signature, and make a side scoop still viable. I'm not sure if the headlights match the aggression levels of the front end, though. It should be more pronounced.

    Ford, if you're reading this, I'm available for consultation. :flag:
  4. If the 2015 Mustang resembles this rendering. I'll buy it :nice: I'm with Shabz. I would not want to see this car in my rear view mirror.
  5. I just noticed that there are no door handles.
  6. You open it with your mind.
  7. Compare this GT500 rendering to the one posted earlier: #27. I like the continuity of this person's designs.
  8. The handles are on the rear top of the door. On the body curve. Picture a 77-82 Corvette style handle.
  9. Meh, I wonder how many of these are actually possibilities and how many are just "wishful thinking". The one above doesn't seem to be much of a redesign....just some different sheet metal over the same car.
  10. I think the link has been hijacked