2015 Lincoln MKR = Mustang Sister Car?

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  1. Ever think you would see a $100k factory built Mustang with Lincoln badges and refinements? Check out some of these sneak peeks! Let me know what ya think. lincoln_mkr.jpg Lincoln-Wants-2015-Mustang-Components-72747_481x230.jpg lincoln-mkr-concept.jpg
  2. 100k? Its sick but with that money id buy a shelby

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  3. The information I read said it could approach 100k. Some people are willing to pay for status symbols, like me in my 2001 Prizm for instance.
  4. The front end looks like a widened Plymouth Prowler, and the rear half looks like a Chrysler 300. ??
  5. With 100k to drop on a status symbol, it sure as hell wouldn't be on a Lincoln.
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  6. Pretty hot. I'm still not a fan of the Baleen Whale grille they refuse to admit is terrible, but a Lincoln muscle sedan to rival the CTS would be awesome.
  7. Yep. It was called the Lincoln Mark VII and it was produced from 1984-92 . It was a coupe built on the Fox chassis jut like the Mustang. They even had a hot rod version called the LSC with the 5.0 H.O. from the Mustang GT.

    I agree Stig, that grill is hideous.
  8. So was the Fairmont. Hardly a $100k car.
  9. I think this gives a good idea of the size/slope of the new Mustang.
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  10. Hmm, I don't know. 100K buys you a ZR-1 or maybe even a Viper (used). Just from the looks, I don't see how this thing will compete with those 2 supercars. And I understand that it's not all about performance with a 100K car...but I'm just saying that if I were to buy one, I personally would only about the look and performance.
  11. No it wasn't. My point was that Ford produced Lincoln Coupe that shared platforms with the Mustang in the past and the car was very successful. If it worked once it could possibly work again. Of course like the Fairmont the MK VII it wasn't a 100k car but it was over 30k which in 1990 which was a significant amount of cash, and at that price they sold almost 200k cars. I would think most people who would consider a car like this Lincoln Coupe would probably lease them anyway,so Ford can put whatever number the want on the sticker as long as the lease payment is inline with it's competition.
  12. Never said it wouldn't sell. The navigator sells. I think there is a market, and I'm wiling to bet it will be better looking than the pics I've posted.
  13. I think that's what FoMoCo is trying to accomplish, turn the brand into a more desirable commodity. As it sits, it's a dying brand in my eyes, even now the Lincolns on sale now are rather "odd" looking at best IMO.

    I for one would leap at the chance to own a Mustang-based V8 RWD "executive" Lincoln coupe DESIGNED and BUILT specifically to take on M3's, Audi S5's, AMG C63's, CTS-V's and the lot, over an unrefined brute like the Shelby GT500, horsepower be damned. Price it at ~$50k, make it look NOTHING like that maroon atrocity, and we'll talk.

    The problem I see (and it's already happening) is that the normal, run-of-the-mill Mustang GT is gonna price itself out of the "affordable" pony car segment and slowly become more and more expensive and refined. Apparently it's a natural evolution in the car world.
    I still remember when a Corolla, Sentra, Civic, Focus and Cavalier were seen on dealer lots with $12-13k MSRP's. All those models have "grown" into nicer, roomier cars only to be replaced by the Yaris, Versa, Fit, Fiesta and Sonic respectively, which were sized and priced the same as the former cars not 2 generations earlier.
  14. Well, what do you mean "to take on?" A huge portion of the status is in the name. Even if FoMoCo can build a car that will out perform and have more luxury features than, say, an Aston Martin (sidenote: the early renderings of the 2015 stangs have almost the same front end of the 2013 Vanquish) at 2/3 the cost, it doesn't have a brand that will carry the same weight. The Aston Martin will still be the better buy. I just think Ford is trying to put out something that isn't true to itself. Ford is not an elitist company. I can see them shooting for the well-paid mid-management crowd (one step up from the Taurus SHO), but the executives and the elites will never go for it unless they specifically want to tack on the "Buy American" to their resume. The wealthy elites wouldn't touch it.

    We get caught up in performance here and sometimes forget that these elite cars are not being purchased for performance. You're buying the name, that's really it. When you're driving down the street and want to show off a car, your 1/4 mile time is irrelevant, as is how many ponies you have to the wheels. You're looking for that wow factor. That comes from uniqueness. In America, that's the exotic styles, the brands, and the rarity. If Ford put out a $50k AMG, every fresh grad in a legit career still living at home could buy one, if not lease one. You're not supposed to be pricing to be competitive and sell units. The pricing on these cars is to promote the elitist mentality. A $50k car does not scream "accomplished" or "hot shot." A $100k+ car, does. Think about it, why do Ferragamo flip flops cost $300? It's not because they're made out of some amazing material. It's because when you wear Ferragamo, you're now someone who can afford to illogically throw away $300 on flip flops and not care. That's it.
  15. ^I see your point. It is more about the name than performance. But I don't think you can get the name without at least offering performance. Unless Lincoln gets a proper, RWD German-fighter (like Cadillac has done for years), they could make it look like a Pagani and no one would consider it anything more than a more expensive, rebadged Ford front-driver.
  16. If anything, Ford should just start up a new brand. All I think of, and I'm sure most in my generation (<30 years old) would as well, when I hear Lincoln is "old person car." Come out with a new brand, carbon fiber everything, leather everything, EcoBoost V8+, IRS RWD, and start it at $80k.

    ...And for the love of God, make the Sync interface look like someone who actually knows something about UI designed it.
  17. I wouldn't pay $40K for a Lincoln.
  18. ^Exactly. Because you could get the Ford version with just as much luxury for a better price.
  19. Well not to long ago Cadillac was thought of as an old persons car as well... and it was. GM has proven that with the right products, and the right marketing it is possible to successfully "re-brand" a car line. in fact it seems like they are trying do it again with Buick. So maybe it is possible for Ford to save Lincoln, but it will not be easy. A Mustang based high performance coupe may be a good starting point since it worked for them before.
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  20. Well they are moving the MKS to the Flat Rock facility... so it's possible it will use the new mustang's platform.

    Unless they plan on building three platforms out of the Flat Rock facility..
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