2015 Mustang Crashed - Ford Claims No Parts Available?


Dec 23, 2014
I hit black ice in my 2015 GT a little over a month ago and slid into a guard rail :(. The front fender was banged up as were the wheels and rear shock. I took it to a trusted auto body (one that was on insurance companies recommended list) and the car is around 90% done now except Ford apparently isn't releasing any replacement parts yet.

The auto body, who has been very helpful and kept me in the loop of the car's progress, stated that Ford is not selling replacement parts for the 2015 as of yet and that all parts are to go to the assembly line for the new mustangs. The auto body called the dealer I purchased the vehicle from and had them call Ford corporate to see what our options are. At this point, Ford corporate has stated they have no ETA on parts being available and that I simply have to wait, even though there is no ETA. WTF?

The car has been in the shop for over a month now and literally was only driven for one week after I got it, less than 1000 miles still on it. Im starting to become a bit worried about getting the car back anytime soon and thought I'd start investigating what my options are.

I called the insurance company to see what my options are in the event that the shock mount part continues to be unavailable. Basically, I'm curious if there is a point in which they will just replace the vehicle in the event the parts cannot be acquired in a timely manner. The insurance company also stated the same thing, as ford, that I simply have to wait. I even asked them, so, if the part is unavailable for the next 6 months I'm still SOL? Yup.

At this point I'm starting to wonder where I should go from here if it doesn't get resolved within the next two weeks.
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They make new pistons every day, so why worry?
Mod Dude
Jul 2, 2009
South Jersey
You are in a tough situation here. In my past experience when my brother in law was in an accident with his M6 parts proved very difficult to source. There was approx 38k$ in damage most being in the rear suspension. The car was less than a year old and BMW was less than helpful during the process. All told, the body shop had the car nearly 10 months waiting on BMW for most of that time to source particular parts. He retained an attorney as he was quite upset making those payments for that time and not having the car available. At the end of the day he had no legal recourse and spent far more than he had bargained for. If memory serves me correctly there was a clause in his policy that held the insurance company harmless in the event of a situation such as this. This is what you need to look into in my opinion. Comb your policy to see if you have any recourse. I truly wish you the best of luck here! Please let us know if you find a resolve with your issue.