2015 Mustang Designated as the S550 Platform.

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  1. I just found this new info related to the 2015 car.
    The next generation 2015 Mustang will be called the S550 platform by Ford, MustangsDaily.com has learned from an anonymous inside source. The last several updates to the current generation Mustang – 2010, 2011 and 2013 – while significant in terms of both powertrain and design changes, have all been within the current platform, the S197. However, the changes to the 2015 Mustang will be significant enough that a new designation is required. It will be only the fifth time Ford has introduced a new Mustang platform, marking a significant milestone in the model’s history that spans nearly five full decades.
    So what can we expect from the next generation Mustang? For starters, Ford will be bringing America’s favorite pony car to the rest of the world, officially announcing last year that the 2015 Mustang will be sold in Europe and likely elsewhere as part of the company’s goal to have global products. As a result, the car will be both lighter and smaller than the current platform.
    As far as styling goes, Ford’s Chief Creative Officer J Mays has said that the design will be less retro and “bring the brand forward.” Rumors persist that styling cues will be inspired by the futuristic Ford Evos Concept that debuted at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, although to what extent is unknown.
    The Mustang’s solid rear axle has been a point of contention for several years now, and it looks like Ford will finally be giving the car an independent suspension for 2015. Prototype models have already been caught testing using the new suspension setup.
    Finally, as far as powertrains go, the big news will be the addition of an EcoBoost engine to the Mustang lineup. Ford executives have all but confirmed that a turbocharged four-cylinder engine will be offered for 2015, although it could come at the expense of the V6. The 5.0L V8 will remain an option, although possibly not for Europe. The Shelby GT500 will also remain part of the lineup, although its powertrain is unknown. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if a production derivative of the Cobra Jet Concept’s twin-turbo 5.0L V8 finds its way into the car.
    The above info sourced from MustangsDaily.com - gearheadboy

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  2. S550. Should be easy to remember.

    Side note about EcoBoost: Apparently the new Cadillac CTS might get a twin turbocharged V6. So hopefully, if GM starts putting V6Ts in their cars, maybe Ford will, too.
  3. Maybe they (Ford AND Chevy) should start considering an AWD option. That will make the car more competitive...especially in areas that are prone to get snow.
  4. AWD would get the traction to the ground but I personally feel it takes the muscle out of the car.
  5. I'm thinking that if the 5.0 is offered in this new body, which looks lighter, it could be quite a fast moving machine.
  6. That picture in not nearly as bad as some I have seen. I like lighter, better gas mileage. IRS should help cornering. The car has potential. AWD would be a nice option but they need to keep RWD as the basic set up, not some FWD POS
  7. AWD is great for snow but there's still some thing about rear wheel that are better. awd loses a more significant amount of power to the wheels because it has to disperse it to four instead of two. and personally I think that would be too much under a car. especally at its price point. an AWD TT302......thats asking for trouble :)
  8. ^ +1. Plus AWD adds a lot of weight to a car , and reducing the weight is one of the goals of this redesign.
  9. AWD is great, on my Lincoln, but not on my Mustang!:eek:
  10. maybe ford will offer it in the 4 cyl. version. who knows what Fords thinking. theyre keeping so quiet....
  11. Agreed. Between the weight and the drivetrain loss, AWD would completely change the character of the car. It's the difference between the BMW 3 series and the BMW 3 series x. They're just not that fun to drive.
  12. So soon, if I meet a girl in a bar, and tell her I have an S550, she couldn't accuse me of lying?:chin
  13. In a bar anything is possible. But if you were to buy one, you in fact could be right if you told her you had one.
  14. I love that rendering! Best one I've seen. I've been scared by some of the others. I will decide to get either get a 2014 or 2015 GT once they reveal the new design.
  15. New and current info via Car and Driver..


    Call it Ford's Declaration of Independents. After half a century of log-axle Mustangs with only one brief experiment with an independently suspended rear end (the 1999–2004 SVT Cobra), Ford will hang a split-and-jointed drive axle beneath the 2015 Mustang's hindquarters. Considering that both the Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger already have independent rears, it's not quite as revolutionary as "We hold these truths . . ." But even with today's outdated rigid axle, the Mustang is already our favorite in this class, and a new unibody platform with its wheelbase and front and rear tracks all cinched tighter should help keep the Ford ahead of its peers.

    While the current Mustang is slavishly, unimaginatively retro, Ford has pretty much mined out its glory days, the as-yet unrealized Mustang II redux notwithstanding. So the next car will be fearlessly modern. Many Mustang faithful are up in arms at the prospect of Ford's next hot rod looking too much like the 2011 Evos concept car, but we have confidence. Between the Focus and the Fusion, Ford's styling department is on a hot streak.

    The next Mustang will have at least one retro cue, though: an available turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Absent from the lineup since the 1986 SVO, the forced-induction four returns in the guise of Ford's EcoBoost 2.0-liter, which makes 252 horsepower in the Focus ST. Don't expect that figure to change much for the Mustang, where the 2.0 will sit between the car's two currently available engines. Priced higher than a revised version of the 3.7-liter V-6—rated at 305 horses in today's car—the four will be pitched as a balance of power and efficiency. Ford's 5.0-liter V-8 will top the range. The Blue Oval can't afford to leave the Camaro ZL1 unchallenged, and so another GT500 is a certainty; less certain, however, is what will power it. Pedestrian-protection standards will restrict the underhood clearances in the next car, cutting the space available not just for the Shelby's top-mount supercharger and intercooler, but also its tall-deck engine block. We suspect Ford will find a way to nestle a pair of turbos against the 5.0's block. With all engines, a six-speed manual will be standard, and we hear that an eight-speed automatic will arrive fashionably late.

    Commonly referred to as a "1964-1/2" but technically a 1965, the first Mustang appeared at the New York World's Fair on April 17, 1964. Ford isn't going to miss the opportunity to throw the Mustang one heck of a 50th birthday party. April 17, 2014 will be a Thursday. It should be significantly more exciting than your average Thursday.
  16. I like this rendering but not the wheels. The color is so obnoxious it is awesome.

    I can't wait for the reveal.
  17. Oh look, the new Ford Fusion looks interesting.
  18. Well the new design of Mustang is also looking nice.. I think there is not much difference between this and the new model. But I hope this will be get more popular.. Thanks for sharing the photo and please share some photos of interior also.
  19. Looks like a 2 door Ford Fusion
  20. Welcome to the forums! I'll share them as I get them.