2015 Mustang Designated as the S550 Platform.

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  1. Yea I like the overall shape but the front end needs to be different than all other Ford products, like it has been since the beginning.
    However, you may be able to argue the trapezoidal shape started with the Mustang in the 60s. Not quite as defined but still generally similar shape.
    And those wheels HAVE to go. I'm pretty sure they're just chromed versions of those on the Focus ST and probably just put there as an idea in someone's photoshop but still!
  2. I hope it will be more similar to the first render (the blue one) than the orange/fusion/GST
  3. +100 hate the renders that just slap a Fusion front on a current Mustang body. I would hope Ford will have more creativity than just that for the new model!
  4. This isn't bad. Its the subtle changes that count. Gotta love Ford!
  5. Honest;y, I would buy a car that looked like that.
  6. This one ended up being a lot closer to the current leaked images from C&D than the others. Credibility?